Will Punjab Chief Minister be sworn in after a court order

Two Chief Ministers will attend today’s meeting of the Punjab Assembly. One whose resignation was not accepted and the other whose oath could not be taken. This will be the first time this unique situation has occurred
Will Punjab Chief Minister be sworn in after a court order
Hamza Shahbaz has been elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab but a constitutional crisis has arisen over the issue of his swearing-in and it has not happened yet (Photo: Hamza Shahbaz Facebook Page)

Despite the directives issued by the Chief Justice Lahore High Court for the third time, Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has not agreed to hold the swearing-in ceremony of the Punjab Chief Minister on April 28 today.

An intra-court appeal has been prepared by PTI and PML-Q MPAs against the directive, which will be filed today, according to advocate Azhar Siddique.

The Governor Punjab in consultation with the lawyers also did not come up with any opinion regarding taking the oath.

On the other hand, the no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari will be voted in the session of the Punjab Assembly on Thursday.

According to the Assembly Secretariat, it is not yet possible for the newly elected Chief Minister and the ruling coalition to take government seats in the House.

In this situation, even after 25 days in Punjab, the largest province in terms of population in Pakistan, the issue of transfer of power does not seem to be settled amicably.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan continued his political meetings in the Chief Minister’s House during his visit to Lahore on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, newly-elected Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has announced that PML-N will soon form a government in Punjab as well as the federation as soon as the president and governor fall ill.

How likely is it that the Chief Justice’s directive will be implemented?

According to Azhar Siddique, a lawyer who prepared the appeal on behalf of PTI and 17 members of PML-Q in the Provincial Assembly: Is.’

An appeal will be filed on Thursday in which it is stated that the directions issued by the Chief Justice to the President and Governor of Punjab are unconstitutional as according to the constitution no court can order or summon the President and Governor. Cannot issue notices. Therefore, the directions issued by the Lahore High Court to the President and Governor of Punjab should be revoked.

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Azhar Siddique said, We are filing an appeal to get our constitutional position recognized, otherwise the governor or the president must abide by the court’s directions and no contempt of court action can be taken against him.

He said that the Governor of Punjab has also consulted with the lawyers on Wednesday evening in which there was an opinion on the implementation of court directions or taking oath from Hamza Shahbaz which suggests that the Governor Punjab should hold an immediate swearing-in ceremony. Are interested in

When Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz was asked about this, he told The Independent Urdu that he was consulting the legal team on the issue of oath keeping in view the court directions, and only after that he would present a clear position.

On the other hand, the Governor Punjab Secretariat was contacted and informed that no instructions have been given to him regarding the conduct of the swearing-in ceremony of the Chief Minister. However, if an order is received suddenly, nothing can be said.

It is to be noted that the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court has issued instructions for the third time and in his remarks said that the province has been running without a government for 25 days and the President and Governor Punjab are not fulfilling their constitutional responsibility.

No-confidence challenge against the Deputy Speaker

Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has convened a session of the Punjab Assembly on Thursday.

Secretary Punjab Assembly Muhammad Khan Bhatti while talking to Independent Urdu said that the meeting will be chaired by Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and then the no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari will be read out with the signatures of 92 members.

Voting will then take place by secret ballot, but constitutionally the Deputy Speaker must have the votes of at least 186 members in order to remain in office.

According to Muhammad Khan Bhatti, preparations for the meeting have been completed. Guests will not be allowed to enter the gallery, women members will be allowed to enter after checking their bags.

He said that this is the first session since the last session on April 16 in which the Chief Minister of Punjab was elected but so far the Assembly Secretariat has not changed the order of government and opposition benches so if this issue was raised during the session. If it goes, the Speaker Assembly will decide it

It may be recalled that after announcing the results of the election of the Chief Minister, the Deputy Speaker had on the same day declared Hamza Shahbaz as the Leader of the House and invited him to the government benches.

According to Parliamentary Affairs Correspondent Hafiz Naeem, the Punjab Assembly Secretariat is currently in favor of allowing journalists to enter the media gallery, but journalists fear that they will not be allowed in during the meeting three Shortly before the start of the Chief Minister’s election meeting in April, journalists were barred from entering the media gallery and the meeting was adjourned for a few minutes to justify the commotion.

However, when the Deputy Speaker presided over the meeting on April 16, the media was not barred from entering, which caused the whole commotion to come to light.

There will be two Chief Ministers in the Punjab Assembly

Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz, who was elected in the Punjab Assembly with 197 votes, could not take up the post properly as he was not sworn in by the Governor. Former Chief Minister serving as caretaker Chief Minister

Usman Bazdar has not relinquished his charge and the governor has also raised questions about the acceptance of his resignation as it is not in accordance with the law, so he is acting as the Chief Minister.

Therefore, both the Chief Ministers will be present in the House today for the election of the Deputy Speaker, which may lead to controversy as to who will be the Leader of the House. This situation has never been seen before in the House.

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