What happens if someone dies on the plane? The frightening revelation of air hostess

What happens if someone dies on the plane The frightening revelation of air hostess
Source: TikTok / @ oplpodcast

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) – What happens if someone dies while traveling on a plane? An air hostess has said that people who are afraid of air travel will be even more frightened when they hear this. 

According to the Daily Star, the air hostess, while talking to host Greg Debeck on the Oppo podcast, said that the most disliked thing to the flight crew when someone dies on a plane is air travel about the person who died. Are protocols

The anonymous air hostess said that when someone dies during a flight, air travel protocols require that the person’s body be returned to its seat as if it were alive. One of us has to be around her and put a blanket over her from head to toe. We are not allowed to cover this face with a blanket

This is going to make your next flight very interesting.

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The air hostess said that you are traveling in a plane and the plane is full of passengers. In this case, the person sitting next to you has a heart attack and if he dies, you will have to travel with the deceased for the rest of the journey. The person will be in his seat as soon as he is dead and his face will not be covered.

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