We are loyal to the state, not the PPP government Mustafa Kemal

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We are loyal to the state, not the PPP government Mustafa Kemal

Karachi – Pak Sarzamin Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that we are loyal to the state and not loyal to the PPP government. If not stopped, tomorrow I will stand with those who are being oppressed. 

In my last 13 years in Sindh, the federation has given 10242 billion for my losers and youth, yet today Sindh is not a place for human beings to live. If the rulers of Sindh get this money then how do you blame Punjab, the federation, and the Establishment? We do not accept the local government system of 2013 and 2021.

 Addressing a protest rally against the local government system in Korangi, Mustafa Kamal said that today the people are leaving their homes and standing on the streets of the city which nurtures Pakistan under the open sky, this is not occupied Kashmir, my 

The whole of Pakistan remembers the development work of 300 billion, think Sindh government got 10242 billion which were lost, this Sindh is not the estate of Asif Zardari when the Chief Minister says that the decision of Karachi will be made by the Minister of Sukkur. 

Decide for Sindh. He said that this is not the first time that robbery has taken place on the local body system. We would not have to see this day if MQM had protested, we would not have been thieves, our watchman has returned to this city with thieves, today Bilawal Zardari is feeling bad about us. 

The reason is that they are used to MQM, we are not going to bow down, today we do not have a councilor but the rulers are scared because They know that Mustafa Kemal cannot be bought or pressured, you will put my people against the wall, you will kill them, then I do not guarantee anyone else’s life, we will die then we will all die

He said that we need powers from the provincial chief minister, we do not accept the local government system of 2013 and 2021, give more powers by further amending the law of 2001, PSP has proposed three constitutional amendments, the prime minister and chief ministers. 

As the powers of the mayor and departments should be written in the constitution, PFC along with NFC should be made mandatory, until there are no elected local government, provincial and national assembly elections, then no administrator will be able to appoint, p. Apart from the SP, no one is offering a solution to Pakistan’s problems

Mustafa Kamal said that this solution will not harm anyone but it will strengthen Pakistan, end terrorism, the money being given to MNAs is unconstitutional, fraud is taking place in Pakistan in the name of democracy. 

If the party government is removed in an unconstitutional manner then people will distribute sweets all over Sindh. If I had MPAs, they would not walk out like MQM and PTI. No bill

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