Video of PM Imran Khan taking a selfie with a baby goes viral

When the child had difficulty in using the mobile phone camera while taking a selfie, Imran Khan immediately grabbed the mobile phone and took the child to him and fulfilled his wish and took a selfie. Interesting comments from users.
Video of PM Imran Khan taking a selfie with a baby goes viral

Islamabad – Prime Minister Imran Khan’s video of taking a selfie with a child went viral. According to the details, a video of Prime Minister Imran Khan shared on Instagram with photos and a short video sharing application is going viral on social media in which it can be seen that the Prime Minister is attending a function or maybe a meeting where a public meeting is also on stage. 

A large crowd gathers around him, meanwhile, an innocent child arrives on stage to take a selfie with Imran Khan. I am having some difficulty which Prime Minister Imran Khan took the mobile phone in his hand and took the child with him and took a selfie while fulfilling the child’s wish.

When the video was shared on Instagram, it was followed by a series of interesting comments from users, with most users openly praising the PM’s behavior, but some even likened it to politics. Meanwhile, a user Samar Chaudhry said that ‘just these payments are killed’.

Another user wrote that Banda was a very good team that was not found right Commenting on the video, a female user said that the intention of the Prime Minister is pure, I will always vote for Imran Khan for the rest of my life. In his comment, a user named Dr. Jawad Syed wrote that “this is what everyone does during a political campaign”. Another user asked, “Where is his mask?”

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