Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives

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It has been seven years since the terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. A look at the lives of teachers killed in the attack.
Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives
Children light candles to pay tribute to those who died on the second anniversary of the December 16, 2016 attack on Army Public Schools (AFP)

On December 16, 2014, terrorists entered the Army Public School (APS) on Warsak Road in Peshawar through the back wall and opened fire.

The firing was so intense that about 150 students, including teachers and college staff, lost their lives.

In this tragedy, two young men of the Army Medical Corps and Lance Naik Altaf also lost their lives who had entered the school to save the lives of children.

The incident also targeted a small group of students, including teachers and students, who had come to monitor the monastery and were only four years old.

Today, seven years have passed since the tragedy, but the horrors of that day are still etched in our hearts. Survivors are still mourning and appealing for justice. Mothers still follow in the footsteps of their sons. Her tears have not dried and she is demanding justice.

In the same way, the children who lost their parents in this tragedy are suffering for the orphans. Below is a look at the lives of some of the teachers who were killed in the attack.

Principal Tahira Qazi

Tahira Qazi was the principal of APS Warsak Road School and College. She always entered the school first and went last.

His body was finally found on the day of the attack. Terrorists planted explosives around his body.

Born on July 1, 1951, in Mardan, Tahira Qazi did her M English from the University of Peshawar and joined APS. On October 24, 1980, she married Lieutenant Colonel Qazi, an Army officer. They have two sons and a daughter. In 1994, she was posted to APS Warsak Road and taught there till her death.

From teacher to the lecturer, then from assistant professor to the vice principal, and since 2006 she has been the principal of APS.

Their children Ahmed and Arifah are highly educated while one of their sons is a special child.

It was a great sorrow for his family when on the wedding day of Ahmed Qazi his father Lieutenant Colonel Qazi died of a heart attack. Both Tahira Qazi and Colonel Qazi are buried together
Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives
Tahira Qazi has been the Principal of APS since 2006 (Army Public School Families).

Assistant Professor Shahnaz Naeem

After Principal Tahira Qazi, Assistant Professor Shahnaz Naeem was the most senior. She and Tahira Qazi were friends and old friends.

Shahnaz Naeem has been associated with APS since 1995. She had a degree in computer science and taught computer science to students at Army Public School and College Warsak Road. In 1995, she got married to Surgeon Naeem. They have two sons and a daughter.

After his departure, his children continued their education with great courage and bravery and Dr. Naeem did justice to his profession along with taking care of his children.

Lecturer Muhammad Saeed

Lecturer Muhammad Saeed was one of the senior teachers of APS and became associated with it with the establishment of APS Warsak Road Peshawar.

He taught Islam in the school and college wing. Muhammad Saeed was increasingly involved in religious activities.

He was born and educated in Peshawar. He had an MA in Islamic Studies and was fluent in Arabic, English, and Chinese. Muhammad Saeed is survived by a widow, three daughters, and two sons.

Lecturer Nawab Ali

Lecturer Nawab Ali was also among the senior teachers of APS. He was born in Charsadda in 1969 and holds an MSc in Mathematics.

He has been associated with Army Public School Warsak Road for 16 years. They got married 15 years before the tragedy.

He is survived by a widow, a son, and two twin daughters. After this incident, his widow moved to Mardan and his family left for Peshawar
Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives
The school, which was closed after the attack on Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014, reopened on January 12, 2015. A woman cries as she leaves Army Public School with her children (File Photo: AFP)

Sahar Afshar

Sehar was a very hardworking teacher of APS. She was born on November 23, 1981, in Peshawar. From the very beginning, she was quick in her studies and had a special fondness for Urdu.

From her childhood, she had decided that she would do a master’s in Urdu literature. After completing his MA in 2006, he took up teaching. She used to teach Urdu to eighth, ninth, matric, and first-year students in Army Public School.

As well as teaching, he was well versed in essay writing, baiting, and debating. She would prepare the students and the children would win various prizes.

She also hosted events at the college. No matter what the occasion, they are at the forefront of all arrangements. After he left, his mother and brother broke up.

Saima Tariq

Saima Tariq was one of the young teachers of APS Peshawar. She was very hardworking and punctual. He first did an MA in English Literature and later an M.Phil in Education.

Saima Tariq started teaching in 1998 when she was a student herself. She later tied the knot with Pakistan Army Brigadier Tariq Saeed and settled in Peshawar due to her husband’s transfer and joined Army Public School Warsak Road on October 26, 2014.

As an eighth-grade class teacher, she taught other sections of English. It was only a few days after he joined APS that this tragedy happened.

According to eyewitnesses, she was burnt by terrorists after identification and was pregnant at the time
Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives
(Army Public School Families) Assistant Principal Shahnaz Naeem

Sofia Hijab

Sofia Habib was one of the senior teachers of APS. She was very kind and gentle.

Sofia Hijab had a double MA, one in International Relations (IR) and the other in Urdu Literature.

She has been involved in teaching for 10 years and joined APS four years before the tragedy.

Sofia Hijab used to teach Urdu and Sox to the students. 16 years before the tragedy, she got married to lawyer Amjad Sohail. They have two daughters.

Banish Omar

Banish Omar, a 28-year-old from Peshawar was also among the APS teachers killed by terrorism.

She was the mother of three daughters and when she passed away her youngest daughter was an infant. Her husband’s name is Omar Zeb Butt.

Banesh had an MA in computer science. He then did a Masters’s in English Literature and started teaching at Army Public School Peshawar.

She taught computers to eighth grade. Benesh was very funny and lively. The picture of his young daughters on his grave made everyone cry.

Syeda Farhat Bibi

Syeda Farhat was a memorizer of the Quran, MA in Islamic Studies, MA in Arabic, and B.Ed. In 1996, she got married to Syed Abid Ali Shah. His sons Satoot and Baqir also studied in APS. She died in the APS tragedy while her two sons were injured.

In the attack, his son Baqir was shot and remained ill for some time. The two brothers then completed their education.

Happy Hafsa

Hafsa was a happy young teacher. He opened his eyes to the educational environment and his father himself is a professor at the University of Peshawar.

Hafsa first did a Masters’s in Zoology, then a B.Ed. and was still pursuing her M.Phil in Biotechnology. When it came to her career, Hafsa chose to teach after consulting her father.

He started teaching in APS. They were engaged and were to be married in March, but death did not respite them and in December 2014, during the tragedy at Army Public School, they too died.
Tragedy Army Public School teachers lost their lives
Syeda Farhat Bibi’s two children were also studying in the same school who were injured in the incident (Army Public School Families).

APS teacher Sadia Gul was born in 1988 in Karak. He was the third of six siblings. Sadia received her early education in Peshawar.

Then he did MA and B Ed in English Literature. She was a member of the British Council and was an excellent speaker as well as a scholar.

He had a special fondness for books and English literature. She joined APS in August 2014. She was very kind to the students

Hajira Sharif

Hajira Sharif was born on August 28, 1986, in Peshawar. They had four sisters and three brothers. His mother has passed away and his father had retired from the post of Deputy Messenger from PTV.

After passing the pre-medical examination from Government Degree College Kohat Road, she did BSc in Biological Science from Government City Girls Degree College Gulbahar and then Masters in Chemistry from Islamia College Peshawar.

He chose the field of teaching after completing his master’s in 2010. It was in August 2014 that he joined APS Warsak Road. She rarely spoke and fasted

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