There will be a sea of ​​people in Islamabad Imran Khan

During his address, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that he predicted that the largest sea of ​​people in the history of Pakistan would leave for Islamabad on March 27.
There will be a sea of ​​people in Islamabad Imran Khan

Addressing a rally in Kamalia, Punjab, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, I am predicting that the largest sea of ​​people in the history of Pakistan will leave for Islamabad.

This is to send a message to the criminals that the days of looting in the country are over, he said.

During his address, Imran Khan said that by giving Rs. Those who have been away from the PTI in those years have come closer because of the opposition.

He said, It is the command of Allah, the command of the good, that when you see how the government is being overthrown, Allah obliges the whole nation to stand against evil, to fight against evil, and to fight for good. Stand by and stand with those whom you think are fighting against the criminals.

Referring to the Islamabad meeting, the Prime Minister further said that this will be the day when the nation will be alive, following the commandment of Allah is for our betterment. Comes

Election Commission is already under their control.

The Prime Minister said that the first thing he (Nawaz Sharif) will do when he comes back is that the Election Commission is already in control, he will run money inside the newspapers, he started envelope journalism and he has to run money on media. 

From that point forward, it will go after the legal executive of Pakistan on the grounds that the bad man won’t permit the autonomous legal executive to work

 From now on, it is dividing the judiciary, from now on it is bringing together judges inside the Supreme Court. It won’t ever permit an autonomous legal executive to work since it needs to close its cases.

He said that his next assault would be on the multitude of Pakistan, up until this point he has had contrasts with all the military bosses who have come.

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