The threat of war with Russia has greatly increased. Interview with British Army Chief

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At any moment, there is a danger of an accidental confrontation with Russia.  General Nick Carter
The threat of war with Russia has greatly increased. Interview with British Army Chief

London – British Chief of Defense Staff General Nick Carter has said that he is concerned about the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland, he has warned that the Cold War The risk of an accidental confrontation with Russia is higher now than at any time since.

Gen. Nick Carter said Minsk was trying to destabilize the region by pushing migrants to the EU’s borders. The European Union (EU) has accused Belarus of allowing migrants to enter the country in a bid to create a humanitarian crisis on its border with Poland.

A large number of refugees, most of them from the Middle East, are in a makeshift camp on the Belarusian border, while Polish authorities report daily new attempts by migrants to move forward.

Poland has accused the deployment of “extraordinary” numbers of troops and said there was no justification for the presence of 15,000 troops armed with tanks, air defense equipment, and other weapons to control the movement of refugees. Is.

When the British Broadcasting Corporation asked Nick Carter if he was worried that the situation could quickly turn into something really serious. So he said yes, I think it’s a classic case like the hybrid playbook where you go from misinformation to instability and push immigrants to EU borders like this. Is a traditional example.

The British Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that it would send a small team of armed forces personnel to Poland to provide engineering support”. Will go to help build a fence on the border instead of fighting. This will make clear our alliance with Poland, and the fact that we stand with Poland against such threats, he said. Countries are encouraging illegal border migration in response to the bloc’s restrictions on blocking demonstrations.

Belarus denies the allegations but says it will not stop refugees and migrants from trying to enter the European Union. The outgoing head of the armed forces said he could not predict whether the situation would turn into a “shooting war” but stressed that Britain and NATO should work together. We have to be on guard.

General Nick Carter described the unrest around Ukraine and the Belarusian tension as a classic example of the slightest disturbance. There are certain things that have been going on for years. He said that since the end of the Cold War, diplomats now face a more complex multipolar world. Traditional diplomatic tools and methods are no longer available. According to General Nick Carter, without these tools and methods, there is a greater risk that this escalation of the conflict could lead to a misunderstanding, so I think that’s it, he said. This is the genuine test we need to confront

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