The thirteenth Mir Punjabi Festival has started

The thirteenth Mir Punjabi Festival has started

Lahore – The 13th Mir Punjabi Mela has been launched in collaboration with Prof. Ali Arshad Mir Foundation and Punjab Institute of Language Arts and Culture, Lahore. In which famous writers, poets, and artists of the country participated. 

On the first day of the festival, various study sessions on Punjabi literature and culture were conducted in which Riaz Danshor, Ammar Kazmi, Azhar Work, Farooq Nadeem, Adil Aziz, Mushtaq Qamar spoke to the audience. 

In addition, Umair Wasiq, Dr. Ejaz, Naseer Koi, and Sabir Ali Sabir presented their story in the storied court and received accolades from the audience. After that, various genres of books were awarded the Professor Ali Arshad Mir Award.
The thirteenth Mir Punjabi Festival has started

Sabir’s book was selected for Punjabi prose literature. In the field of research, Safdar Women, and in the category of Punjabi translation, the names of Shabir Shahid’s books came to the fore. Zahid Jirpalvi was selected in Punjabi Poetry Literature (Collection of Miscellaneous Genres) while Rifat Waheed’s books were selected for Poetry (Ghazal). 

Tejinder Harjeet / Ashraf Sohail will be awarded for children’s literature. In the field of religious literature, Dr. Muhammad Ayub’s book Jeevan Jach was selected. Famous Folk Singer Shaukat Ali was awarded Special Professor Ali Arshad Mir Sewak Award for his services to the Punjabi language.

Students of Henarkada College of Wedding and Performing Arts prepared Gosha-e-Mir paying homage to Prof. Ali Arshad Mir. ۔ In which Punjabi culture was highlighted. In addition, Punjab Mushaira was held on the first day of the festival. Which was presided over by Baba Najmi. 

Famous poets and poetesses like Sabir Ali Sabir, Rai Nasir, Farooq Nadeem, Tahira Sara, Safia Hayat, Arshad Manzoor, Naseeri Koi, Murli Chauhan, Mushtaq Qamar, Zahid Jarpalvi, Faqir Kamil, and Prof. Dr. Sarmad Farooq Arshad wrote their poetry. Revived the poetic tradition of Prof. Ali Arshad Mir
The thirteenth Mir Punjabi Festival has started

Nadeem Abbas and Tarnjan Natak Mandali performed the Sufi dance and received acclaim from the audience by presenting the poetry of Prof.

 Ali Arshad Mir in a dramatic manner. The two-day Mir Punjabi Mela will feature various study sessions on culture and literature, music sessions, drama, folk singing, and poetry programs. In addition, bookstalls and works of art will be exhibited

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