The new trend of glass handbags

These glass bags alter the original purpose for which they were originally made.
The new trend of glass handbags
Glass Bag (Copernicus Instagram)

These days, celebrities such as Rehana, Haley Bieber, and Hadid Sisters appear on the red carpet with glass bags designed and manufactured by the French Copernicus brand.

Copernicus is perhaps best known for its swipe handbags: long, oval wallets that designers say are inspired by the iPhone’s feature of ‘swiping your finger on the screen. But if we look at this bag from another angle, we can see that it resembles Easter eggs, which are only large in size.

According to the designers and makers of this type of bag, the process of making it is not easy: due to the thickness of the glass, air pressure is used to make it and it requires habit or practice to use it as a bag. ۔ Of course, these bags can only hold one or two small items, but the point here is to use them more like jewelry and art.

The sale of these delicate bags has started in the market and their price is more than five hundred dollars. One moment you live in a world where you see this kind of bag in the hands of just a few celebrities on the red carpet, and the next moment you reach a world where this bag is in everyone’s hand. Is the model

At the Copernicus 2022 winter fashion show, we saw Dutch-born Dutch model Gigi Hadid with this bag. Later in this year’s Grammy, which took place in the first week of April, two stars were spotted on the red carpet with Copernicus bags. One was an American singer and rapper Doja Kate, who had a blue glass bag, and the other was American singer, songwriter, and dancer Tenshi, in red.

Kylie Jenner attended a press conference on the Kardashians collection with a bag of the same style that clearly showed which brand of Kylie had lipstick inside.

These bags alter the original purpose for which the bag was originally made. Essentials can no longer be hidden. No more tissue paper or receipts. Instead, what Copernicus does is provide a frame for display, meaning I have nothing to hide and everything I have is for display and promotion.

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