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The man kidnapped and killed by space creatures

The man kidnapped and killed by space creatures
The man kidnapped and killed by space creatures

London (Monitoring Desk) There are many stories of alleged human contact with space creatures or the alleged abduction of humans by space creatures. The most mysterious of these is the story of the British citizen Sigmund Adamski, who mysteriously disappeared one day and his body was found 5 days later. Sigmund is said to have been abducted and killed by space creatures. The incident took place on June 6, 1980, when Sigmund, 56, left his home in Tangle, West Yorkshire, at 3:30 pm to buy selfies. For a while, he stopped by his neighbor and talked to him, and then moved on. For the next five days after that, he did not find any trace of him being eaten by the sky or swallowed by the earth

Five days later, Sigmund’s body was found on top of a 10-foot-high pile of coal in a coal warehouse in the town of Todmorden, 20 miles from his home. This pile of coal was under the open sky, on top of which his body was lying straight on his back and surprisingly the rest of his body was not covered with coal at all as if he had somehow brought it from above. Placed on a pile of

Another surprise was that although Sigmund had been missing for five days, his beard had grown as long as he had shaved the day before. There were burn marks all over his body These marks were like burning with acid. However, an ointment was applied on these wounds, as if whoever kidnapped him was from Sigmund. He also kept trying to cure it. The ointment was sent to a laboratory for forensic analysis, but to this day it is not known what substance was applied to Sigmund’s body.

On June 11, Sigmund’s body was found by a security guard at the warehouse who was on duty 24 hours a day. He testified that he did not see Sigmund or anyone else entering the warehouse. Sigmund’s body was apparently placed on the pile of coal a few hours before it was found. Constable Alan Godfrey, who is investigating the case, said: “These are three mysterious cases of my life, in which no human involvement has been identified, but there are a number of factors that make it suspicious. According to the report, the autopsy did not reveal the exact cause of Sigmund’s death, but it did reveal that he had died a few hours before the body was found. ۔ It was about the time he was thrown into a pile of coal

It is worth noting that Todmorden is the area where dozens of people have so far claimed to have seen flying creatures of space creatures. He also saw space creatures near the same coal depot where Sigmund’s body was found. He was investigating a case involving a herd of cows when he went missing for some time. On his return, Godfrey said he had been abducted by space creatures. Godfrey told senior police officials in a report about the incident, shortly after which Godfrey was forcibly retired. Several police officers on duty in the area have reported mysterious lights coming from the sky

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