Smartphones in women’s hands are the enemy of their beauty modern research

Smartphones in women's hands are the enemy of their beauty modern research

British experts say that the smartphone in the hands of women is the enemy of their beauty.

If you are worried about freckles on your face due to old age, then now you have solved this problem because today we are going to tell you some amazing ways to get rid of freckles on your face that you can try to get younger. Can be seen

Present-day research has shown that facial wrinkles can be brought about by something besides maturing or exorbitant utilization of make-up items. In order to achieve anything, you first have to avoid a few bad habits and be careful.

British experts say that modern mobile phones are causing wrinkles on women’s faces. According to the report, after 18 months of research, it has been proved that the biggest enemy of women’s beauty is the smartphone.

Specialists say that taking a gander at the little screen for quite a while makes strain. The skin of the face changes. Eyebrow shrinkage is particularly severe. Which influences the skin of the entire face
Smartphones in women's hands are the enemy of their beauty modern research

Nicola Jose, a well-known beauty therapist in London, says she has had dozens of girls over the past year and a half who have suffered from wrinkles at an early age. He said he collected details of their engagements and habits from the girls and concluded that it was a reaction to the iPhone.

In this regard, he also consulted with technology and health experts, after which it was confirmed that spending more time watching on the small screen, this reaction is sure. Medical experts have also mentioned some ways to protect the skin from wrinkles.

Don’t go out too much in the hot sun, use a sub-block if you go out, use clothes that protect you from the sun, avoid smoking and use a moisturizer regularly, remember that skin moisturizer covers the face and It is very important to use hands and feet not only in winter but in all seasons.

If you want to keep your skin fresh and young, use foods that contain fatty acids because experts believe that fatty acids help to keep our skin young. Fish and other aquatic life Make halal foods a part of your diet.

Wash your face frequently, this will remove the natural oils from the skin. Some research has shown that the use of vitamin C creams on the skin improves the skin, brightens the skin, and reduces the effects of aging.

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