Russia’s war against Ukraine has reached the capital Kyiv, with loud explosions in the city

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Fighting continues near a military base in northwestern Kyiv. Media reports
Russia's war against Ukraine has reached the capital Kyiv, with loud explosions in the city

Kyiv – Russia’s war against Ukraine reached the capital Kyiv. Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues in various parts of the city. According to British media, the Kyiv administration has stated that fighting has started in the streets of the city. According to the British media, the citizens of the capital Kyiv have been instructed by the Ukrainian government to stay at home.

According to British media, the roar of cannons could be clearly heard from some distance from the center of Kyiv. More than 50 explosions and shelling have been reported in the Kyiv Zoo and the Shelyaoka area. According to British media, Russia carried out the second attack in 24 hours on the power station of the Troischina area of ​​Kyiv.

According to the Russian news agency Tass, the Russian army has also captured the Ukrainian city of Melitopol without any resistance.

The British media reported that the Ukrainian army had repulsed the Russian attack on the Troischina power station. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in his message that he is in Kyiv and will fight for the country until the last moment. Russia, meanwhile, has deployed troops to help the two main Russian cities on the eastern border, Luhansk, and Dents, which have Russian-speaking populations and what the Ukrainian government calls separatists. ۔

In this regard, most Western media analysts, including US President Joe Biden, say that this is a silent attack by Russia. An exchange of fire and explosions were heard in the mentioned areas of Ukraine during the intervention of Russian troops.

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