PTI issues linked to leaders’ statements?

According to analysts, the language used by the Prime Minister and his spokespersons against the government allies and the seemingly defecting members created a deadlock.
PTI issues linked to leaders' statements
A few flamboyant leaders of PTI

Ongoing political tensions in Pakistan have intensified over time, largely due to the growing proximity of the ruling party to various members of parliament and allies to the opposition and distance from the government.

According to political observers, baseless allegations and personal ridicule from Prime Minister Imran Khan and government officials have been the main reason for the increase in difficulties in the environment, especially for the PTI.

Since the deviant members of the government have come to the fore in the Sindh House in Islamabad, they have been sharply criticized by the government circles and have spoken out against them in the media for seemingly blocking all avenues of their return.

The opposition has always been at the mercy of the ruling party, but targeting its own angry members in this way, according to political pundits, was not the right response for anyone with political acumen. In politics, there is always a way back.

According to experts, the PTI’s statements forced its own members to take a tougher line in opposition, as evidenced by their media interviews.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also termed the deviant members as unscrupulous and accomplices of thieves while now efforts are being made to persuade them. He started his address to the public meeting in Mansehra on Friday by once again mentioning ‘Diesel’.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s statement about the PML-Q without mentioning his name, which caused blackmail, angered him, to which he later apologized.

MNA Basit Sultan had also expressed his displeasure over the objectionable criticism of the rogue members by the spokesperson of Prime Minister Shahbaz Gul.

A government spokesman said some leaders’ statements about a defecting member orally were their personal opinion.

According to analysts, the language used by the Prime Minister and his spokespersons against the government allies and the seemingly defecting members created a deadlock.

When did the series of accusations start?

Members of the ruling coalition parties PML-Q, MQM, BAP, and some PTI had to express reservations several times in the last three and a half years but the government kept persuading them.

But when the report of the Commission of Inquiry on Chinese came against Jahangir Tareen and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) initiated action against him, the group led by Jahangir Tareen became a group consisting of some members of the National and Provincial Assemblies.

These members demanded justice from the government but complained that they were not listened to. When the NAB took action against Aleem Khan, he too resigned from the senior ministry and remained silent.

When the opposition launched a no-confidence motion against the government, not only these two groups but also the coalition parties and many angry members started settling issues in meetings with the opposition.

In this situation, the Prime Minister and government ministers in their ranks started trying to stop the uprising but also started issuing statements in the media against the allies and their angry members.

This month, when some members from Sindh House came to the media and signaled their support to the opposition, the Prime Minister and the ministers started making statements against them.

PTI’s angry MNA Raja Riaz Ahmed while talking to Independent Urdu said that the way the government ignored him, the Prime Minister made statements to sell his conscience by taking Rs. When the government spokespersons used foul language against them, they completely parted ways with the government.

According to Raja Riaz, on the one hand, the appeal for return, on the other hand, an attempt was made to incite the people against us.

According to him: The Prime Minister has started promoting Amr Bal Ma’ruf and Nahi An Munkar against us. It has been announced that no member of the Assembly will go during the vote on the no-confidence motion and we will take care of whoever goes.

According to Raja Riaz: What kind of politics is this? If we use our democratic right to vote against the government out of resentment over our abuses, will we be so filthy? 

Earlier we had a few members but with the use of reprehensible language by the prime minister and the spokespersons, the number has risen to 24 he said. Let the government prove that one of our members changed allegiances by taking money. We will leave the opposition unconditionally or else the Prime Minister will resign.

Raja Riaz said that the government has created a deadlock by making allegations against itself. The situation would not have been so bad if the language had been controlled

Speaking to Independent Urdu, senior journalist Salman Ghani said, Patience and the use of language are important in politics. The Prime Minister is great for everyone. If the campaign against their members is like this, they will never be together and will restore their political credibility.

According to Salman Ghani: PTI members were also harassed by the Punjab government. They did not work. On the other hand, they were treated like stepchildren, when they expressed their views, rhetoric was started against them.

He added that even if the government had realized that its allies and members were pursuing a strategy to support the opposition, it should have tried to persuade them politically to the last and not on rhetoric. The emphasis that could change the situation.

Explanation and deadlock on government rhetoric

PTI spokesperson Musarat Jamshed while talking to Independent Urdu said that it is true that some people may have used vulgar language in talk shows against some deviant members but it may be their personal opinion. No one at the party level has the right to disrespect any angry member in public.

According to him, there was no talk about the leaders of the coalition parties and the campaign launched against those who went against the party policy is the constitutional right of the party to win on PTI ticket and against its own leader. If they become part of the conspiracy, our voters and supporters will be angry with them.

Musarat Jamshed said, However, it is true that many members did not complete the work in Punjab because the Chief Minister of Punjab did what was in his power. What could not have happened under the system could not have happened. Barriers need to be removed.

On the other hand, Raja Riaz says that the government humiliated the elected members of the elected officials and tried to cause political damage in the constituencies by making serious allegations. Now all our deviant members are not ready to side with the government.

Similarly, according to Salman Ghani: After the treatment of the angry members of the government, they have to go to the people of the next constituency. Under these circumstances, he will never go with his party who have propagandized him as worse than his opponents.

Now there are reports that angry members are being contacted after the fierce rhetoric

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