Prime Minister’s notice of demands presented in Gwadar protest

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his Twitter statement today that he had taken note of the protests in Gwadar and the demands being made.
Prime Minister's notice of demands presented in Gwadar protest
I have observed the exceptionally authentic requests of the dedicated anglers of Gwadar we will make a severe move against illicit fishing from fishing vessels and will likewise converse with the Chief Minister of Balochistan. Imran Khan (File photo: Facebook Imran Khan)

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his Twitter statement today that he had taken note of the protests in Gwadar and the demands being made.

He said on his Twitter account

I have taken notice of the very legitimate demands of the hardworking fishermen of Gwadar. Will be taking strong action against illegal fishing by trawlers & will also speak to CM Balochistan.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) December 12, 2021

I have taken note of the very legitimate demands of the hardworking fishermen of Gwadar. We will take strict action against illegal fishing from trawlers and will also talk to the Chief Minister of Balochistan.

In the Gwadar district of Balochistan, the protest sit-in of the ‘Gwadar Ko Haq Do’ movement continued for the 28th day. In response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman said in his tweet

Thank you very much, Prime Minister! The provincial government considers our demands as legitimate. Provincial ministers have repeatedly stated that some notifications were issued, but they could not be implemented. Your notes are welcome. I hope that now the demands of the Haq Do movement will be implemented

بہت شکریہ وزیراعظم صاحب! دیر آید درست آید
صوبائی حکومت ہمارے مطالبات جائز مانتی ہے۔ صوبائی وزرا بارہا اظہارکرچکے، کچھ نوٹیفیکیشنز بھی جاری کیے، مگر ان پر عملدرآمد نہیں کروایا جا سکا۔ آپ کےنوٹس کا خیرمقدم کرتےہیں۔ مجھے امید ہےکہ اب حق دو تحریک کے مطالبات پر عملدرآمد ہوتا نظر آئےگا

— Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman Baloch (@MHidayatRehman) December 12, 2021

The party is holding rallies in Gwadar today in which a large number of people from different parts of Makran besides Gwadar are participating.

Locals, led by Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, the provincial secretary-general of Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan, have been protesting since November 15.

Speaking to The Independent Urdu on December 10, Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman said, “Our demands are not big. We are not asking for motorways in terms of C-pack. We are not saying to pave the roads of Gwadar and Makran or to build marble roads nor to give us 10 million jobs.

The sit-in will continue,” he added. We are Pakistani citizens and we will not back down from our rights. What were the demands of the protest movement?

The first demand

Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, referring to his first demand in the movement, said: Genocide of organisms. In addition, they are using illegal fishing and illegal nets, which have led to the extinction of fish in the sea.

According to him: That is why millions of fishermen have been affected. If the rulers take taxes from us to help us, we will pay the taxes, but for God’s sake, our jobs should not be robbed.

The second demand

He said that five districts of Balochistan are on the Pak-Iran border. Iran is our Islamic brotherly country from which our foodstuffs and electricity of these five districts are obtained. Millions of people are being affected in Gwadar due to border closure. If security is necessary, do it, but ensure free and dignified employment.

The third demand

Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, head of Haq Do Balochistan Movement, said: Are we free citizens or are we living in prison? We want to eliminate unnecessary checkpoints. “

The fourth demand

Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman said that 1 million youth of Balochistan are addicted to drugs. Drugs are being traded in broad daylight in Balochistan. In Balochistan, drugs come by sea and land. If drugs are being sold in the market here, they are coming from somewhere.

He alleged that our agencies have failed to curb the drug menace so we demand that the drug trade in Balochistan be stopped.

Government measures are taken so far

In this regard, Balochistan Planning Minister Zahoor Ahmed Baledi told Arab News this week that the authorities had complied with most of the protesters’ demands.

According to Zahoor Ahmed Baladi, the protesters have put forward 12 demands, four of which are large while the rest are partial demands. Progress is being made on all 12 demands. Trawling at sea has been significantly reduced while the border trade management system is also being improved.

On the other hand, a high-level meeting on illegal trawling was held in Gwadar on December 9 at the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo in Quetta to review other issues including the prevention of illegal fishing in Gwadar. Was taken

During the meeting, Chief Secretary Mazhar Niaz Rana had said that the provincial government was taking effective measures to curb illegal fishing in Gwadar and illegal trolling would be stopped soon.

He added: The Sindh government and Maritime should ensure that fishermen from Sindh are banned from fishing in Balochistan.

It was decided at the meeting that a working group would be formed for the prevention of illegal fishing in Gwadar which would look into the legal framework for fishing, enforcement, cooperation between agencies, and way forward and within a week. Will present the report.

Earlier, the government had said that the demands of Gwadar sit-in protesters were being implemented in the light of orders of Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo, under which illegal fishing trawlers have been banned completely.

To address the plight of fishermen, the headquarters of DG Fisheries has been immediately shifted from Quetta to Gwadar, and patrols of the Fisheries Department and other agencies have been stepped up to curb illegal trawling.

It was further said that the token system for fishermen to go to sea has been abolished and now fishermen can enter the sea without any permission.

At the same time, it was informed that all the ‘unnecessary’ check posts in Gwadar have been abolished

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