Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the good news of making petrol diesel and electricity cheaper

Petrol and diesel prices will be reduced by Rs 10 while electricity will be reduced by Rs 5 per unit. Prices of petroleum products and electricity will not increase till the next budget. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation
Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the good news of making petrol diesel and electricity cheaper

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the good news of making petrol, diesel, and electricity cheaper. He said that he would reduce the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 10 and electricity by Rs 5 per unit. He said that prices of petroleum products and electricity would not increase till the next budget. He said in his address to the nation live on state TV channel PTV and Radio Pakistan that the situation in the world is changing rapidly and it has effects on Pakistan too. 

I will start with foreign policy first, China. And visited Russia, I want to make it clear that my parents were born in India, but made me realize that I am lucky to be born in an independent country, we want to make an independent policy, not a policy that harms Pakistan. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

We also participated in the war against the Soviet Union. I was against this policy. It was not for the benefit of Pakistan which resulted in the martyrdom of 80,000 Pakistanis, displacement of 3.5 million people, loss of 150 150 billion. The most embarrassing thing is that a country The war is being fought but the same country has been bombed, military dictators always welcome the world to listen to them Made a statement

Asif Zardari told the American journalist that he did not care about the people who died in the drone strikes. This is because when their money is abroad, property of billions, and bank balance is out there are offshore companies that don’t care. 

The policy of our country cannot be free. When the nation votes, it should be understood that they should never vote for the party whose money has run out. I have made great visits to both China and Russia. He went to Russia because Pakistan has to import wheat and gas.

Agreements with China will soon come before the nation. Secondly, the controversial issue is that freedom of the press is being banned. The PKA law was enacted in 2016. We are amending it. The head of state who has not committed corruption does not break the law.

There is no danger, even today 70% of the news in the newspapers is against us, this law is brought because there is a big stench on social media, which does not come in any civilized society, FIA has 94 thousand cases in which women Is being defamed, people’s homes are being razed, only 38,000 cases have been decided.

Ordinary people are not forgiving the Prime Minister, a wife left home, the Prime Minister did wrong in Bani Gala, I did not get justice in the case, the same journalist then writes that the wife left home Is.

When the same journalist wrote on corruption, Nawaz Sharif was locked up for three days and beaten with sticks. A woman wrote against minister Murad Saeed who wants to go to England and file a case.

It was written about Shaukat Khanum that the money is going to PTI. Shaukat Khanum is going to file a case against Jang Group in England. In the name of freedom of the press in the world, mafias are sitting and blackmailing. This ordinance is very important for the country.

It has nothing to do with freedom of the press. Good journalists will be happy with the elimination of fake news. Criticism of such journalists is good for us. When Azad Kashmir was made the Prime Minister, three major newspapers wrote that it was made with magic.

If this had happened in England, the newspapers would have closed. He said that it would have been good if I had got the economy of Switzerland but when we got the economy of Pakistan there was the biggest deficit. Foreign reserves were insufficient even for three weeks. Come on, our growth rate was not even 0.2% but Corona worsened the situation but Pakistan dealt with it in the best way.

Lockdown from Corona affected the supply line. It is made on imported fuel, pulses are imported ghee, the highest inflation in the United States, 7.5 percent increase after 40 years, the highest inflation in Canada in 30 years, the United Kingdom in 30 years, inflation in Turkey in 20 years. That inflation has come, so remove the government, which is giving figures. 

In the first term of PPP, the inflation rate was 73% to 77%, in the second term it was 8.3%, in the second term it was 7.99% and in the last term, it was 5%. Inflation rose to 8.5% during the PTI era. Inflation came in our time when there was inflation in the world

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