President Biden has made sexual harassment a crime in the US military

According to the White House, US President Joe Biden condemned sexual harassment in the military and paid tribute to Vanessa Galen, whose assassination in 2020 brought the issue of sexual harassment in the US military to the nation’s attention.
President Biden has made sexual harassment a crime in the US military
US President Joe Biden meets with heads of private companies at the White House on January 26. The president has signed an executive order criminalizing sexual harassment in the military (AFP)

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order regarding the Military Justice Code, which now criminalizes sexual harassment in the military.

The move was called for in the Pentagon’s annual budget package, the National Defense Authorization Act 2022, according to AFP. Hood was killed.

Galen, 20, was sexually harassed by a group of soldiers in 2020 and told his family that he did not trust the military command to follow up on his harassment complaint.

White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said the executive order pays tribute to Vanessa Galen, a veteran of the military, whose death has drawn the nation’s attention to sexual violence in the US military and to the military justice. I have helped push the reforms forward.

President Biden said in a tweet that he was signing an executive order criminalizing sexual harassment under the Military Justice Uniform Code. He said the order was intended to strengthen the military’s response to domestic violence and the misrepresentation or spread of sexual images.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had earlier appointed an independent commission to make recommendations on how to better deal with perpetrators of sexual violence in the armed forces and how to prosecute them more effectively.

The Commission concludes that the only solution is to remove the decision to prosecute rape cases from the Military Chain of Command. Unlike in the past, instead of imposing administrative sanctions, criminals will be able to go to jail.

According to the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, although the fight against sexual assault and harassment by the US military has been a priority for the past year, internal reports have concluded that during this period The number of cases has only increased.

The Wall Street Journal quoted the Department of Defense’s latest report as saying that there were 7,816 incidents of sexual assault in the military during the fiscal year 2020. These cases are more than double the 3,327 reported in 2010.

In July last year, President Biden said he supported removing cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault from the chain of command and handing them over to an independent military prosecution.

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