Pakistanis! Promise traitors will not vote for the rest of their lives, Imran Khan

If the people allow them to win in their constituencies then it will be treason. Chairman PTI and former PM address Lahore meeting
Pakistanis! Promise traitors will not vote for the rest of their lives, Imran Khan

Lahore – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan News! Promise, conscientious objectors will not vote for looters all their lives, if people let them win in their constituencies then it will be treason I ask the courts, is this constitution not against the law? Addressing a public meeting at Minar Pakistan Lahore, he said that he had never addressed such a large gathering. 

He knew that Lahore would never be disappointed. Diya, I was born in Mayo Hospital, I knew from childhood, I grew up in Pakistan, my parents were born in a slave country India, my parents say you are lucky to be born in a free country When I made Pakistan famous in cricket when Pakistan started to rise in the world of cricket, we were proud to be Pakistani, my Pakistani, we did not accept slavery and imported government, elected government It is imposed on those who are afraid of elections, which is imposed by buying conscience by investing money, I will never accept this government, I will never accept slaves and corrupt people.

The conspiracy was hatched because when I became the Prime Minister I tried to have an independent foreign policy, I should not sacrifice my country for the interests of any foreign country, my decisions are for my nation, they were used to threaten Pakistan, on the telephone. 

They did not like this thing, then I decided that I would raise the issue of Islamophobia in every forum including the UN, and OIC, it hurt one and a half billion Muslims, and I did not like it either. The third thing is the foreign policy of Russia, China, and Muslim countries. 

I was trying to find out who is benefiting the nation. I have never taken any dictation. Why did you go to Russia? I went to Russia because Pakistan was running out of gas, had to make an agreement, Russia was giving oil at a 30% lower rate, meaning petrol and Fazlur Rehman could sell at a 30% lower rate, wheat was also given 30% less, India is also an American ally. He is also buying oil from Russia. He was also banned but he replied that we will buy oil for our people.

When he did not like these things, the conspiracy started. The conspiracy would have been complete if Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq had not been in the country. Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were sitting here too. People were involved, history will not forgive them, the government was overthrown when the best performance, our economy 5.6%, record exports, remittances sent 31 billion, tax collections collected more than 6000 billion, low unemployment across the subcontinent. Pakistan was when Corona wreaked havoc in the world, Pakistan was the only country that saved the people and saved the economy.

Save the farmers from the sugar mafia and bring money to the farmers, record production in five crops, wheat, sugarcane, maize, potato, and rice production in our time. When the world was saying Pakistan’s economy is on the right track, economy IM F was getting rid of slavery then our government was overthrown, first governments fell under Benazir and Nawaz Sharif then corruption was overthrown, I was accused of taking some things from the treasury, the treasury did Is? 

Understand this first, whatever gift the Prime Minister and the ministers get, they go to the treasury first. In their time, they could buy a gift from the treasury by giving 15% money to the government. In our government, 50% of the money is given to the government. Used to buy, everything I bought is above the record and in accordance with the law.

Let me tell you to repair the roads near my house with the money of Tosha Khana, I did not take money from the government, I did not build my Zaman Park house and Bani Gala as a camp office, I also built the boundary wall of the house with my own money, propaganda I challenge the perpetrators to be the first prime minister who has spent less money on himself. 

Kneeling on the call and I said the war in Afghanistan is not ours, there is no military solution there, talks will solve the problem, I was called Taliban, I was called bad, I was assassinated, I said that because foreign policy For our own benefit, 80,000 of our people were martyred, 6,500 soldiers were martyred, our tribal area was devastated, more than 100 billion was lost. 

When asked in an interview if I would give the airbase to America, I said absolutely not, Because my life and death are for Pakistan, these are my people, why should I sacrifice my people for America? 

To polish them cherry blossom boots Those who say beggars, not choosers, never vote for the party whose leader’s money is out because they can never withstand the pressure of imperialism because of their properties, they will always bow before them.
400 drone strikes in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif

He once said that it is very wrong, it is against the law, while I protested by holding sit-ins. There is a meeting of an American official with our ambassador. Look arrogant. If Imran Khan is not defeated in distrust, then Pakistan will face difficulties. If distrust is successful, we will forgive. ? Went to Russia or said Absolutely Not.

If I am the Prime Minister, to whom are you sending the message of making distrust successful? Conspiracy is hatched, it leads to mistrust the next day, bids of Rs. 20, 20 crores are started in Sindh House Goats are sold, I ask my courts with the utmost politeness, isn’t this constitution against the law? 

Promise Pakistanis, they will never vote for these looters for the rest of their lives, neither conscience nor shame, their children will be tarnished, they sold themselves, people let conscientious objectors win in any constituency. You will betray the country.

The courts open at 12 o’clock. In the constitution, the parliament is supreme, but we saw it go. The most painful thing is that the biggest robbers who were on bail were imposed on this nation. According to the news agency, Imran Khan said that the courts also open at 12 o’clock. Asad Qaiser and Qasim Soori are both heroes. 

Our constitution had the power of parliament but we saw it go away. There were cases of corruption against those who were on bail. He was made the Prime Minister imposed on the nation.

They have been calling each other thieves. Cherry Blossom did not say that I would rip out Asif Zardari’s stomach and withdraw money. Nawaz Sharif did not imprison Asif Zardari twice for corruption. Together they did not call Fazlur Rehman Diesel. I will fight them as long as I live and I will never accept them.

He said that there is so much oppression in the country that you have no idea, it will be a catastrophe in the society. He could not even make an atom bomb. He said that there are cases against Shahbaz Sharif and his sons in FI and NAB. The FIA ​​has seized Rs 16 billion in the name of his servants and Ross has been made the Prime Minister. 95% of the cases against him are from before our time. Which officer will take action against him? Who had caught their cases?

I ask the judiciary in a big way whether it is not your job to protect these officers. I tried to move the cases forward in our government, there were cases of billions of rupees against Zardari, and Bilawal Bhutto was also getting money from the fake accounts from where Ian Ali was going, but nothing happened here, not NAB The judiciary was independent, except for the FIA ​​cases. 

The officers did it out of fear. What was in my hands? No, they did not consider corruption bad. It is a great tragedy for the country. Those who should have been in jail have become Prime Minister or Minister or are trying to become Chief Minister.

He said that no nation can tolerate this, as long as I am alive I will fight against injustice and oppression. It is very painful that our justice system cannot bring those who are powerful under the law. 

If we borrow 6 6 billion from the IMF, then everything has to be accepted he said. The money that goes from rich countries to rich countries every year is 1700 billion dollars, 15 billion dollars goes out of our country every year, we have to fight them, this is a real war of liberation for which I have come to prepare you.

He said that he has heard that Mir Jaffer’s government has decided to form a commission on the letter. Shahbaz Sharif has never come into the world more than you and your family. 

We will only accept the commission, then we will accept the commission of the Supreme Court which has a hearing inside the court so that everyone knows what a big conspiracy has taken place.

Imran Khan said that the Chief Election Commissioner should give him any post within the PML-N, he has worked against the PTI, and all the decisions were against us. 

We are repeatedly saying that whenever the N Does the same for the League and the PPP, whenever there is an investigation, there will be milk and water. The PTI is the party that raises political funds, they are given money by the businessmen with whom they make this money. Yes, I know each name.

I challenge you to listen to the cases of the three together and come before the nation to find out who is right and who has collected money from double digits. They are slaves themselves and have enslaved 220 million people. I have come to set you free, I have come to take a vow. We have to be the king of Iqbal. Want to go or crawl on the ground.

The day when the meaning of La is understood, the chains of slavery will be broken. He said that as long as these thieves and robbers remain in power, the country will never move forward and will go down. Except for the time of Bhutto, foreign policy has never been independent. Osama bin Laden was eliminated in Pakistan. “I was terrified when I met President Zardari,” Obama wrote in his book

I will call him, he will condemn me. When he called me three days later, he started congratulating me.
Imran Khan said that we have decided to launch a movement for real independence of Pakistan, political opponents say that what will happen after Minar Pakistan, then open your ears and listen, the real party has now started. I am also giving a message to the people of PML-N and PPP who want independence in the country. All have to prepare. Will call

Let me make it clear that I do not want any confrontation, this is my country. I don’t have a place to go out, they have a hard time, so they run away as if the Queen of Britain is a relative of theirs. My life and death are with Pakistan. He said that our army is our police. If there was no powerful army, Pakistan would be divided into three parts today.

The enemy did not succeed because our nation stands with its army, we give credit to our army and police. He said that we do not want to harm our country but we will not recognize this imported government in any case. We are thinking that the movement will end. Get ready, seniors leadership has to go, get ready, elections should be announced as soon as possible, we are a democratic party, we want democracy.

We will never recognize this select-imported government, the only way is for those who have made a mistake, the only way to fix it is to hold immediate elections. He said to the participants, I want to pledge to you that you will always fight for the real freedom and democracy of your country until the election is declared.

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