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Pakistan Navy traces another Indian submarine

Anti-submarine warfare unit captures Indian submarine, fourth Indian submarine detected in last 5 years. DG ISPR
Pakistan Navy traces another Indian submarine

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has traced another Indian submarine. A statement issued by Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) said that Pakistan Navy traced the Indian submarine. According to DG ISPR, the Indian submarine of Calvary class was traced on March 1. The anti-submarine warfare unit captured the Indian submarine.

According to DG ISPR, this is the fourth Indian submarine to be traced in the last five years

#PakistanNavy Anti-Submarine Warfare Unit intercepted & tracked latest Kalvari class Indian submarine on March, 1.
The recent incident being the fourth detection in last 5 years is reflection of Pakistan Navy’s competence & resolve to defend maritime frontiers of Pakistan.

— DG ISPR (@OfficialDGISPR) March 3, 2022

On October 20, 2021, it was reported that the Pakistan Navy had tracked down an Indian submarine and prevented it from entering Pakistani waters. The Pakistani forces had foiled another ploy of India and exposed its ugly face to the world.

The Pakistani navy had forced the return of an Indian submarine that had been trying to sneak into Pakistani territory for espionage and war purposes. The Pakistani navy aircraft, using its professional capabilities, detected the Indian submarine and pushed it across the Pakistani border into the international sea.

The Indian Navy is deploying its submarines against Pakistan but the Pakistan Navy is ready and ready at any moment to defend its maritime borders and is fully capable of responding to any aggression. 

A statement issued by the Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) said that the Pakistan Navy while demonstrating professionalism, foiled the attempt of Indian submarines to enter Pakistani territory.
This is the third incident of its kind in which an Indian submarine was prematurely detected by a PN long-range maritime patrol aircraft. 

The Pakistan Army’s advertising division said the Indian submarine attempted to enter the Pakistani region on October 16, yet the Pakistani naval force thwarted Indian aims with amazing skill. The new episode is an impression of the Pakistan Navy’s obligation to shield the oceanic boundaries of the homeland

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