Murree: Shocking scenes of cars stuck in the snow

Murree Shocking scenes of cars stuck in the snow
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Heavy snowfall continues in Murree, Galya, and Azad Kashmir. Tragic scenes of tourists trapped in the snowfall have gone viral on social media.

The life system in Murree has been paralyzed due to severe weather conditions, a large number of tourists have been stranded in the snow, and about a thousand tourist vehicles have been stranded in Murree.

According to reports so far, about 16 to 19 tourists have died in their vehicles due to severe colds and lack of oxygen.

مری میں تیز برفباری
شدید برفباری اور ٹریفک جام کے باعث رات سڑک پر گزارنے والے سیاح، اب بھی سڑکوں پر پھنسے ہوئے ہیں
مری میں گاڑیوں میں 16 سے 19 اموات ہوئی ہیں

مری سے باہر موجود افراد کو بھی ہدایت کی گئی ہے کہ وہ مری کا رُخ نہ کریں،، #Murree. #Snowfall

— bushra khalid (@bushra_khalid) January 8, 2022

A heartbreaking video of a family going viral on social media ended in a car without enduring the severity of the cold.

Also going viral is a video of four friends who came to die to enjoy the snow but died due to bad weather.

Critical situation ahead more deaths reported

— Tuseef abbasi (@tuseefabbasi91) January 8, 2022

Videos that went viral on social media showed locals in Murree helping vehicles and tourists stranded in the snow.

It is to be noted that the Meteorological Department has indicated the possibility of a severe blizzard and winds of 90 mph tonight. Ambulances, security vehicles, and firefighters have been called to the scene

In these areas, the administration has warned citizens not to leave their homes to avoid any situation.

People outside Murree have also been instructed not to turn to Murree

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