Most civilian aid to Pakistan from 2018 to 2020 the investment seems to be where the rules are transparent US Consul General Lahore

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Most civilian aid to Pakistan from 2018 to 2020 the investment seems to be where the rules are transparent US Consul General Lahore

Lahore (Asif Mehmood, Mian Saif-ur-Rehman) The US Consul General in Lahore, William K. McConnell, has said that from 2018 to 2020, Pakistan has provided more civilian aid to Pakistan than ever before.

Partnership with 6 Universities in Punjab, English is taught to students, created business opportunities for 10,000 youth in South Punjab, 4.20 crore vaccines for Corona, Agriculture, Livestock, Business, Health, Governance, Energy, Police, Judiciary and Prisons in Punjab. Assisted in strengthening the sectors of

There are numerous opportunities for foreign investment in Punjab. If Punjab highlights favorable business opportunities, it could become an even more attractive place for US private sector investment. The private sector plays an important role in economic growth, not governments. Is.

Governments also play a key role in creating an environment conducive to economic growth so that businesses can thrive. He expressed these views in an interview with Jang and The News.

The US Consul General said there was a need for effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, which would lead to innovation and encourage business growth. Taxes should be fair and equitable to both foreign and domestic companies.

He said all international businesses, including the United States, are focused on economies that provide opportunities for investment, cooperation, and partnership. Can

Responding to a question on whether the increase in C-Pac and economic cooperation between Pakistan and China has led to a decline in Pak-US economic cooperation, US Consul General McConnell said he believes in good governance, long-term capacity building, and market. Perspectives that allow the private sector to thrive are not only the key to sustainable development but also the best path to growth.

The United States welcomes any investment and trade that promotes sustainable, responsible growth and development. “Our economic cooperation with Pakistan reflects our vision for a region that is free, strong, and prosperous,” he said. Our relationship is governed by a spirit of respect and partnership.

We likewise accept that all unfamiliar guides and ventures for Pakistan ought to be founded on the most elevated global principles of receptiveness, comprehensiveness, straightforwardness, and administration.

In response to a question on how much of the US aid to Pakistan consists of aid and how much debt, the US Consul General said that the US has never lent to Pakistan but only provided aid.

He said that if we look at Pakistan’s budget 2018-2019 and 2020, then the United States provided more civilian aid to Pakistan in the form of grants than any other country in the world. We partner with the government of Pakistan on a number of development and relief projects that are in line with Pakistan’s priorities, from health to education and entrepreneurship to the energy he said.

Focusing on improving the image of the United States among the Pakistani people, William McCannell said that our partnership with Pakistani youth and professionals and our alumni network would help us build relationships and challenge misconceptions about the United States. Is the best way.

 Punjab is home to a vibrant and busy US-Pakistan Exchange Alumni community. Many people in this community join us in our efforts to eliminate unemployment and encourage entrepreneurship.

He said that at the US Consulate in Lahore, we have managed one of the largest social media platforms of the US government which has access to more than 3.2 million people in English and Urdu.

He hoped that the people of Punjab would benefit from the bilateral relations between the two countries by highlighting cultural preservation, academic partnership, women empowerment and entrepreneurship, English language learning as well as other avenues of partnership with Pakistan. Be able to see and understand all the positive aspects.

Responding to a question regarding the ongoing development and priority sectors in Punjab, Consul General McConnell said that the US government has launched several projects in the areas of cultural protection and youth development, including Wazir Khan Mosque in the Walled City of Lahore. Preserving historic houses and a mausoleum on the south side of the river and promoting economic opportunities by connecting women interested in business with big business leaders and mentors.

Referring to US efforts to make Pakistan safer and more prosperous, William McCannell said the US government has continued to work closely with the Pakistani government on the rule of law, its enforcement, and reform programs.

He said that the US government has also played an important role in strengthening the police, judicial and prison sectors in Punjab. He said that the construction of women’s quarters at National Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP) Training College in Sheikhupura would be inaugurated next month.

 He said that we have also conducted training and study tours for Punjabi officers at the working and policy-making level so that their education and training could be further improved.

He said that 107 officers of the Punjab Prisons Department have been trained in the US state of Colorado to know the best practices of prison management.

In 2021, five Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) personnel from Punjab participated in anti-money laundering training, and 58 law students from Punjab participated in the Jessup Mott Court competition.

He said that the United States and Pakistan have been cooperating for over 75 years on energy, economic development, peace and inclusion, education, and health among other issues that are important to both countries. He said that the United States is focused on promoting a more stable, peaceful, and prosperous partnership with Pakistan.

Commenting on the current level of cultural cooperation between the US and Punjab governments, NGOs, and the private sector, William McCannell said the Public Affairs Department at the Lahore Consulate conducts a wide range of cultural and educational programs.

He said that in addition to rehabilitating the Wazir Khan Mosque and its environs, the US government promotes a number of other programs, including opportunities for economic cooperation for businesswomen.

He said that apart from empowering the youth through sports camps and English language training, we are also continuing partnership programs with community colleges in Punjab to strengthen the quality of higher education here in collaboration with American educational institutions.

The US Consul General said his government has set up “Lincoln Corners” at six universities in five Punjab cities, including Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, and Vehari, where students can learn English and study in the United States. In addition to advice to get information about other activities. He said students attending these Lincoln Corners have free access to Internet Wi-Fi.

The public has access to up-to-date and reliable information about the United States through books, magazines, videos, Internet databases, and programs, as well as access to cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, and other maker space technology. Is. William McConnell said his country also cooperates in a number of exchange programs to bring Pakistanis to the United States.

When Exchange Program participants return to Pakistan, we encourage them to join our Pak-US Alumni Network (PUAN), through which they can travel to Pakistan with their newly acquired perspective and experience from the United States. Contribute to the development of

The Pak-US Alumni Network has more than 10,000 alumni from Punjab Province, the largest network in the world. PUAN elects its leadership each year through a democratic process and acts as a liaison between the American mission and the community.

The US government also finances alumni projects that benefit the community. The US Consul General said that through the Education USA program, we provide free counseling to students in Pakistan who wish to study in the United States.

Trade between the United States and Pakistan benefits from climate change, food security, and economic opportunities for women. The climate change crisis is one of the other major challenges we are facing collectively today said, William McConnell.

Efforts are being made by the US Government to establish cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change and the Ministry of Energy, the establishment of the US-Pakistan Climate and Environment Working Group, and the US-Pakistan Energy Dialogue to ensure cooperation with Pakistan on climate issues. Are

He hoped that next year, based on their successful partnership in the field of health, the two countries would launch the US-Pakistan Health Dialogue.

The US Consul General said that another example of the assistance given to Pakistan is our merit and need-based scholarship program, which provides scholarships to academically skilled but financially needy students for university studies.

The program benefits youth in remote and rural areas of Pakistan, including South Punjab. He said that in September 2021, the program announced 700 new graduate-level scholarships for Pakistani women under which prominent female students Master’s degrees in agriculture, business, engineering, and health and social sciences will be awarded.

 In response to a question, the US Consul General said that Pakistan hosts the world’s largest Phil Bright program, under which 10,000 Pakistani students from Punjab alone have been sent to the United States for postgraduate degrees. Is gone

Fulbright Scholars return to Pakistan and apply what they have learned in their respective fields and act as cultural ambassadors between the two countries.

In addition to the Fulbright program, there are global undergraduate programs for students, the Humphrey Program for Mid-Career Professionals, the Study of the United States Institute, and the International Visitor Leadership Program.

Through these exchange programs, approximately 800 students and professionals from Pakistan are sent to the United States annually. Has worked together on various activities in the fields of farming business improvement/business venture schooling wellbeing administration and energy.

The maintenance and rehabilitation of Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station, which is estimated to benefit 4.4 million people in Punjab, is an excellent example of close cooperation between the US and Pakistani governments. He said that improvements in smart metering infrastructure, distribution networks, and off-grid initiatives were also the results of a partnership between the US and Punjab.

The US Consul General added that his country also has partners in the dairy, horticulture, and livestock sectors in Punjab. He said that every cooperation between the two countries not only added value but also created more income opportunities for small farmers and created jobs for rural men and women.

We have also linked women farmers with microfinance institutions so that their business can not only be sustained but also expanded he said. Consul General McConnell said that US assistance has contributed to vocational training in Punjab which has provided business opportunities to 10,000 youth in four districts of South Punjab.

We have offered more than 2,100 scholarships to talented, underprivileged students in Punjab and have partnered with universities to improve their ability to manage financial aid programs.

In collaboration with the Public Health Department, in collaboration with the Punjab Government, we have set up disease monitoring units in 36 districts and trained healthcare workers to monitor and respond to COVID-19, including It also includes the installation of 46 new ventilators in Punjab’s hospitals to help Pakistan’s fight against the disease.

He said that corona vaccination was provided by the United States and so far 42 million Pfizer corona vaccines have been provided for use in Pakistan.

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