Mild infections can prevent chronic depression

Mild infections can prevent chronic depression

A new study has found that patients who stay in bed for weeks at a time during Covid 19 experience more tension and depression, while any mild infection during this time reduces the nature and duration of depression. Can

According to Dr. Unar Anna, a psychiatrist and psychiatrist at the University of Iceland, patients who spend one or more weeks in bed with Covid 19 developmental disorders such as tension and depression. The illness can last for months or even years, while patients who suffer from any mild infection during this time have a less or less mental illness, or in other words, better mental health. she lives.

According to Dr. Unar Anna, a mild infection can improve mental health, with about 80% of patients infected with the coronavirus having fewer symptoms of mental illness.

Research has shown that many people with mild to moderate infections were less likely to be infected with the coronavirus and did not need long-term care.

The doctors involved in the study found that people who were severely ill with the coronavirus were more likely to have depression and tension than those who did not go to the hospital for medical treatment. There were no obvious symptoms of mental illness.

Luckily for patients with less Covid, the side effects didn’t have all the earmarks of being more serious, as indicated by the scientists. According to the study, every mild infection does not go away after prolonged symptoms, but some do. Infections heal in a short time.

Researchers need more time to clearly assess the reduction in mental complaints after infection, but the findings show that mental health improves when the symptoms of infection appear during Covid 19.

According to Professor Collier, who was involved in the research, only time will tell whether the depression that started after Cove 19 is out of the ordinary, or whether the symptoms are similar to the mental state in general depression.

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