League leader Ahsan Iqbal’s big offer to the Prime Minister

Imran Khan’s Security Threat Letter to Opposition, We Will Face This Threat Together, Member National Assembly
League leader Ahsan Iqbal's big offer to the Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal has made a big offer to the Prime Minister regarding the threatening letter. 

Talking to private TV channel Geo News, the PML-N National Assembly member suggested that if Prime Minister Imran Khan showed a letter of security threat to the opposition, we would all fight this threat together. Earlier, PML-N president and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif demanded that the letter be brought to Parliament.

During a press conference on Monday, he demanded to bring a letter to Parliament on a question and said that if the latter is true, I will support Imran Khan, we have a democratic war against Imran Khan, Imran Khan was accused of foreign interference. 

Before applying, one should look into one’s own collar. If there is any interference, then the evidence should be shown to the parliament. What is Imran Khan’s opinion about foreign funding?

However, in a statement issued before the press conference, the Leader of the Opposition said that seeing the loss of power, he started paying attention to it. Come on, form the most corrupt and incompetent government. Shahbaz Sharif said don’t be in any doubt or mistake, you have lost because you have fooled the nation.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan while waving a letter in a public meeting, claimed that an attempt was being made to change the government in the country with the help of money from abroad. We were threatened in writing. He proposed to show the in a private letter to any individual who felt quite unsure.

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