Karachi Press Club’s annual election The Democrats’ clean sweep

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Karachi Press Club's annual election The Democrats' clean sweep
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The Democrats’ panel swept the Karachi Press Club’s annual election for the year 2022, winning 12 seats.

The Democrats’ panel has maintained the tradition of winning the Karachi Press Club’s annual election for the 13th time.

Polling for the 2022 elections continued on December 25 from 9 am to 6 pm at Karachi Press Club without any break.

The Democrats’ panel, the Independent panel, and the United Journalists panel took part in the annual election. 1165 members of the Karachi Press Club exercised their voting right in the election process.

In the election, members of the Karachi Press Club cast their votes after scanning their cards in a computerized manner. Traditionally, it has been declared mandatory to show KPC cards for voting.

According to the results received, Fazil Jamili, the presidential candidate of The Democrats Panel, was declared the winner with 785 votes. Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Abdul Rashid Memon won with 723 votes.

Abdul Waheed Rajpar of The Democrats Panel won the post of treasurer with 810 votes. Muhammad Rizwan Bhatti of The Democrats Panel won the secretary’s seat with 841 votes.

Muhammad Aslam Khan of the Democrat Panel won the post of Joint Secretary with 814 votes. The Democrats’ panel has swept its rivals, the United Journalists Panel and the Independent Panel, in all seven seats on the governing body.

Khalil Ahmed Nasir of The Democrats Panel got 788 votes, Shazia Hassan 742 votes, Mohammad Farooq Sami 740 votes, Mohammad Liaquat Mughal 679 votes, Syeda Mamoona Hamdani (Mona Khan) 675 votes, Syed Athar Hussain 651 votes, and Syed Nabil Akhtar 650 votes. Be successful in body seats.

1530 members were declared eligible to vote in the election, out of which 1165 members exercised their franchise.

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