In the dual citizenship case the Election Commission disqualified Senator Faisal Wanda

In the dual citizenship case the Election Commission disqualified Senator Faisal Wanda

ISLAMABAD – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has disqualified Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Senator Faisal Wawda in a dual citizenship case.

The Election Commission has given a safe verdict in the case of Faisal Wawda’s dual citizenship. A three-member bench headed by the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) has ruled in the Faisal Wawda disqualification case.

The ECP in its decision said that Faisal Wawda fell victim to Article 62 One F for giving a false affidavit. Faisal Wawda made himself suspicious of his conduct. After casting his vote, he presented himself as a candidate for the Senate.

Earlier, in the Faisal Wade disqualification case, the petitioners were of the view that the Federal Minister, as a candidate, had concealed his US citizenship while submitting his nomination papers to the National Assembly Returning Officer. Faisal Wawda submitted false affidavits while submitting nomination papers in the 2018 general elections, concealed sources of purchase of properties, did not pay money trail, and did not pay taxes.

These petitions were filed 2 years ago on January 21, 2020, by the opposition candidates Abdul Qadir Mandokhel, Mian Faisal, and Asif Mehmood in the Election Commission and the hearing on them started on February 3, 2020. Asked for the date of renunciation of dual citizenship but got no answer.

Faisal Wawda told the Election Commission that when he appeared before the Returning Officer during the general election, he had shown the canceled US passport on which he got clearance. 

NADRA had revoked his US citizenship on May 29, 2018. According to which Faisal Wawda renounced his US citizenship on June 25, 2018, but Wawda did not accept this copy.

When the Election Commission inquired about Faisal Wawda’s certificate of renunciation of US citizenship, he said that he did not know much about the legal paperwork of Pakistan or the United States. However, the Election Commission refused, saying it was not its prerogative.

Faisal Wada, after being elected as a senator, also pleaded that these petitions were made when he was a member of the National Assembly and should not be rejected now. However, the Islamabad High Court on December 6 rejected the petition to stay the proceedings of the Election Commission. ۔ The ECP had reserved its verdict in the Faisal Wawda incapacity case on December 23

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