In Karachi, the wife fell asleep comfortably after tearing her husband to pieces

Cruel wife throws body parts of husband in different rooms after incident, police arrest
In Karachi, the wife fell asleep comfortably after tearing her husband to pieces

Karachi – A very shocking incident has taken place in Karachi where the wife fell asleep after breaking her husband’s body into pieces. 

Police said that the husband was killed by the woman after which the accused has been arrested. The SSP said that during the search of the house, the police found the body parts of the victim from different rooms.

The ruthless wife had thrown the body parts of her husband in different rooms after the incident. Different instruments have likewise been recuperated from the ownership of the lady

The team has also been summoned. According to police, a case has been registered against the accused and further investigations are underway.

Police further said that according to the victim’s son, the woman had been living with her father for 7 years, and apparently it was also being said that the accused was his second wife.

As indicated by the police, no proof has been seen as such a long way about the marriage of the person in question and the blamed. She fell asleep and tools were recovered from the spot. According to police, the woman is still intoxicated and has undergone medical treatment, the report of which is yet to come.

In her initial statement, the accused said, I did not get justice, so I did this. Police have registered a case against the unidentified accused and started an investigation. 

According to details, Latif entered the house of a man named Latif in the dark of night in Ghauri Five area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKoral police station, tied the two members of the house with ropes, and shot Latif dead for unknown reasons.

The accused later fled. The Coral Police Station registered a case under Section 302/34 of the Criminal Code on the complaint of Muhammad Iftikhar, brother of the deceased. 

Mohammad Akram, the investigator of this case, said that the scope of the investigation is being expanded. Inshallah, the accused will be in the custody of the police very soon.

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