I forgot the previous money I am working for free in love with Imran Khan

Never before in history has a stage been set so high and so high. As a DJ, he is not taking any compensation. DJ Butt’s interview to Urdu Point
I forgot the previous money I am working for free in love with Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD – Leading DJ Butt, who served in the parade ground meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has said that he forgot the previous money, I am working for free in the love of Imran Khan, as D If no one is taking compensation, the rest of the goods are being paid to anyone from whom it is taken. 

In an interview given to Urdu Point, he said that Imran Khan is my leader, I love him immensely, complaints are made to those who are loved Come when we call, now Imran Khan has called, we are standing here, we have left the previous payment behind, now there are new ways ahead.

Answering a question from Urdu Point host Farrukh Shahbaz Warraich, DJ Butt said that sound system, lights, and screens are being installed many kilometers away. If we have a beloved and the work is to our liking, then there is extra energy. In the chat with Urdu Point, DJ Butt added:

It may be recalled that the central ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has hired its old musician and sound system colleague Muhammad Asif alias DJ Butt for the rally in the capital Islamabad and a former DJ of PTI. Disputes with Butt oversupply of sound and music systems in 2014 protest movement resolved

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