Husband’s dismemberment incident woman’s claim to be wife became suspicious

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The victim used to force me to stay with her. Whenever she resisted, she would show me pictures of corpses. The victim was not my husband’s brother-in-law.
Husband's dismemberment incident woman's claim to be wife became suspicious

Karachi – A shocking incident took place in Karachi where a woman tore her husband to pieces. Contacted and said that the woman is not the wife of the victim. A year and a half ago this woman also came to him and said that her husband is not giving me any point.

The woman initially denied the murder and said that she was the wife of the victim. According to the police, there were bloodstains on the hands and clothes of the woman. He accused the brothers of stealing and forced me to stay with him. At the point when I dissented, they took steps to kill me.

Whenever she resisted, he would show pictures of the corpses. While the accused in a conversation with private TV also said that the victim Sheikh Sohail was a doctor, he was not my husband but my brother-in-law. 

After this statement, the first statement of the woman became suspicious It should be noted that a very shocking incident took place in Karachi where the body of the husband was dismembered in the area of ​​Saddar and the wife fell asleep comfortably.

Police said that the husband was killed by the woman after which the accused has been arrested. The SSP said that during the search of the house, the police found the body parts of the victim from different rooms. Husband’s body parts were thrown in different rooms. Different instruments have likewise been recuperated from the ownership of the lady. A weighty unexpected of police arrived at the spot and gathered the remaining parts and proof of the body.

A team of crime scene units has also been called. According to police, a case has been registered against the accused and further investigation is underway. Police further said that according to the victim’s son, the woman had been living with her father for 7 years and it was apparently said that the accused was his second wife. According

According to the latest evidence and statement, the accused Rabab committed the horrific murder alone. According to the police officials, after the incident, the accused changed her clothes and slept peacefully. 

Tools were recovered from the spot. According to the report, the woman is still intoxicated and has undergone medical treatment, the report of which is yet to come.

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