How to hack biometric data not only on the internet NADRA

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Nadra denied the FIA’s statement regarding the hacking of biometric data. However, according to the FIA, he did not say anything.
How to hack biometric data not only on the internet NADRA
NADRA’s data is not on the Internet but on the intranet, it is an office domain and no hacker can attack it: NADRA spokesperson (AFP file photo)

The National Database and Regulatory Authority (NADRA) on Thursday denied a statement by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding the hacking of public biometric data.

NADRA Public Information Officer Faiq Ali Chachran while talking to Independent Urdu said that biometric data of citizens is completely safe.

It may be recalled that FIA Additional Director Tariq Pervez had today told the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) that the problems were compounded by the hacking of NADRA’s data. Biometric data is hacked so hackers can easily commit fraud.

Faiq Ali said that the statement made by Tariq Pervez Malik in the standing committee regarding the leak of biometric data was against the facts. He said that NADRA is an IT company in itself and no such data was leaked.

NADRA’s data is not available on the internet and there is no content on the website that can be hacked because data is hacked where there is the internet. Independent Urdu asked him if there were hacking attacks on NADRA. He explained that NADRA’s data is not on the internet but on the intranet. It is an office domain and no hacker can attack it.

Asked if any agency had complained to NADRA about the data leak, he replied that no such complaint had been received. He further added that the FIA ​​did not inform him before making this statement nor did it seek any explanation.

The FIA ​​later issued a statement saying that it did not discuss data hacking in the Standing Committee meeting and its statement was misrepresented. The FIA ​​said in a statement that it clearly denies the allegations because it contradicts the facts.

The National Assembly Standing Committee on IT today discussed the issue of hacking in addition to the Social Media Rules 2021. There are cases of financial fraud, but when someone is caught, it is an old man or woman the FIA ​​Additional Director said.

On this, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Amir Bajwa said that the company did not allow any mobile phone company to sell door-to-door SIMs but the sale of illegal SIMs decreased by 600% in one year. Is Chairman PTA further said that there is no database for eye scanning in Pakistan?

This biometric data hacking involves illegally taking people’s fingerprints, so now two operators have to pay 10 times a year to get rid of the fingerprint issue he said. A fine of Rs. 50 million and Rs

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