He did not enter politics because of the price of potatoes and tomatoes Imran Khan

He did not enter politics because of the price of potatoes and tomatoes Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he did not enter politics 25 years ago to find out the price of potatoes and tomatoes.

Addressing a rally in Hafizabad, Imran Khan said, I have come to make Pakistanis a nation. Our rulers did not know why the country was formed.

He said that we are receiving threats, an Indian missile has also arrived, Pakistan responded with great wisdom, we could do a lot, Pakistan is a country that can defend itself.

Imran Khan said that I have been preaching to the nation for 25 years, to be a great nation, you have to support the good

The Prime Minister further said that the country will develop a record in the next one and a half years.

He said that as long as the nation does not stand against evil, evil will increase. In the event that they don’t remain against abuse, then, at that point, mistreatment will increment.

Imran Khan further said that if the leadership does not know the purpose of becoming Pakistan then we cannot become one nation. If we want to become a great nation then we have to support the good.

He said that an endeavor was being made to purchase the soul of individuals for ousting the state.

PM says I know the West better than the opposition, no one dares to buy MP’s conscience

He said that he wanted the best relations with the West but would never compromise on the interests of his country.

Imran Khan said that those who polish the shoes of the British are looked down upon and those who stand up for the nation are respected by the West.

He said that the European ambassadors wrote a letter to condemn Russia, I rightly criticized the European ambassadors, it is against diplomatic etiquette for the ambassador to write an open letter.

The Prime Minister said that we asked the European Ambassador if he had ever dared to write such a letter to India. The opposition termed my statement as a great injustice.

He said that if any white man comes, Shahbaz Sharif would quickly put on a tie suit. He said that Imran Khan criticized the British and did wrong.

Imran Khan further said that if the Prime Minister of this country was sitting in front of the US President, his legs would be trembling, he would have a slip in his hand, lest something wrong should come out of his mouth.

He also said that there were more than 400 drone strikes from 2008 to 18, Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif never said a word.

Imran Khan said that I went to US and UK and spoke against drone strikes, 20 ambassadors asked me why do I oppose drones?

I said one of our fear-mongers has been sitting in London for a long time you will permit it we will kill him with drones, we need you to come here and carry out drone strikes he said.

The Prime Minister decided to set up 2.6 million scholarships for his youth, create a uniform curriculum and create world-class universities.

He said that in 70 years no one thought of treating the common man, today heart treatment is being done in a private hospital on a health card.

The Prime Minister said that no one has ever considered building a shelter for the homeless, for the first time the low-income group is getting cheap housing loans, the industry has been given a package.

He said that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, banks have given Rs. 60 billion, saved both their people and economy during Corona.

Imran Khan said that today in the United States petrol is Rs. 220, in the UK it is Rs. 350, Pakistan imports it and Rs.

During the Hafizabad meeting, the participants chanted slogans about diesel, then the Prime Minister said that he was not saying anything.

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