Girls are abused at the People’s Medical University

Harassed girls are killed, bodies are hung from fans and painted as suicide. Nursing house officer accused
Girls are abused at the People's Medical University

Nawabshah – Nursing House Officer at People’s Medical University Parveen Rind has made serious allegations against the director and warden. He has claimed that girls are being abused and harassed in the university. Girls are killed. Yesterday, Parveen Rind had demanded torture and harassment against the director and warden.

MLO Dr. Nazia Magsi said that Nursing House Officer Parveen Rind had bruises on his neck and hands. Parveen Rind also had swelling on his cheek. Talking to News, he said that girls are being abused in People’s Medical University.
Harassed girls are killed.

The body is hung from a fan and painted as suicide. Parveen Rind has demanded that the vice-chancellor, director of the university, and warden be arrested. Yesterday warden Farheen and Ateeqa killed me. I have also been seen being beaten by students. On the other hand, Vice-Chancellor People’s Medical University Professor Dr. Gulshan Memon said that a three-member committee has been set up to investigate the matter.

Action will be taken in light of the report of the inquiry committee. It should be noted here that there have been incidents of female students committing suicide in Sindh Medical College. In November last year, a female student of a medical college in Larkana, Sindh, allegedly committed suicide in a girls’ hostel. The body of final year student Nimrata Kumari was found in the house.

After the death of Nimrata Kumari, there was a strong reaction on social media. The case of Nimrata Chandani, a student of BB Asifa Dental College Final Year, who was found dead in Chandka Hostel on September 16, was declared high profile. , NADRA, Touch Jamshoro, Chemical Examination, and many others

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