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get out of it For the sake of an independent Pakistan

PTI Lahore announces protest at Lalak Jan Chowk today
get out of it For the sake of an independent Pakistan

Lahore – Get out! For the sake of an independent Pakistan PTI Lahore, today announced a protest at Lalak Jan Chowk. According to details, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Lahore has issued an important message to the workers and citizens after Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the nation on Friday called for peaceful protest.

Tehreek-e-Insaf Lahore called for a protest on Saturday. Tehreek-e-Insaf Lahore will hold a protest on Saturday at 9 pm at Lalak Jan Chowk Defense. Citizens and workers are urged to participate in the protest. Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan called for a peaceful protest after Isha’s prayers on Sunday. He said that he would not accept the imported government at all. Will reverse, will go to the polls by preparing a game of rigging.

Addressing the nation live on state TV, Video Pakistan, he said that when PTI was started almost 26 years ago, its principles should be: self-determination, justice, the welfare state, and humanity. And I will talk about justice, I was disappointed with the decision of the Supreme Court but I respect the judiciary, one thing went to jail when the movement for an independent judiciary was going on It so happened that the Speaker gave a roll call in the Assembly, the reason was external interference through distrust, the Supreme Court should have looked into it.

The Supreme Court should have seen this post, we were calling it a conspiracy but the court should have known whether it was true or not. The second regret was that the decision came so quickly that in violation of Article 63A, the members are selling their conscience like sheep and goats. The court should have taken moto action on it. 

Not even the way politicians are being sold in Pakistan, Pakistan 60% of the population is less than 30 years old, this is our youth, if we do not raise their morals then what example are we setting for them? The Sharif family started politics 30 years ago. Since then, politics has gone down. Well, the reserved seats are being sold here. I am speaking as a Pakistani. My dream is that Pakistan will become a great country. Prostitution is rampant.

He said that 20 summers of my life were spent in England, traveled all over the world, but I did not see it in western democracy, no one can think of buying conscience, that is why people were invited to Islamabad under Amr-ul-Ma’ruf. That people have a responsibility to stop evil, people in the West and in Britain stand up against evil

In the Iraq war, Britain was benefiting from oil, but people came out. I tell people that if there is a conspiracy from outside, and the government is overthrown, then people should save themselves, save the future of their children, and no one will come. He said that our outside agencies send codes and messages, WikiLeaks is also secret documents, if I make the letter public then there is code on it, it is called a cipher, if made public then the whole world will know Pakistan. What’s the code?

When our ambassador met with the American official, he said that Imran Khan should not go to Russia, the mistrust had not come yet but he said that if Imran Khan escapes the mistrust, it will have serious consequences. If Imran Khan loses, we will forgive Pakistan. He is ordering the leader of 220 million people that if they become the Prime Minister then they will have to suffer the consequences. 

If you have to live like this then why are you free? Why celebrate March 23 and Independence Day on August 14, if they did not know how everything works here? The media is not ashamed? It was being celebrated that the government is falling, our people are meeting the diplomats in the US embassy, ​​a few months ago they knew that mistrust was coming, the whole script was made, 

I want to tell the nation that we should be a free nation. Want or slave? How did they know that Shahbaz Sharif has sewn Achkan? When they saw my profile, they found out, they opposed drone strikes, they opposed the military solution in Afghanistan when there were 400 drone strikes, Imran Khan gave a sit-in, they knew that there was no money stolen from outside Imran Khan, can’t be thin, they like traits that they are willing to make any sacrifice for their money.

I tell the nation we have to decide what kind of Pakistan we want? India became independent from us, it is a pity we have no relations because of the ideology of RSS, look at India, does anyone have the courage to speak there? India is an independent country. 

Imran Khan also says that I have no fight with anyone, I want relations with everyone, but I can’t sacrifice my people for anyone’s fight. When we join someone’s war with money, then we do not respect, then 9/11 came, then we went with them, how much humiliation the Pakistanis got, our sacrifices were not appreciated, we have to decide when If our foreign policy is not for the betterment of the country then no one will respect

We need to know how to lift 220 million people out of poverty. If they ask for airports or airports, we can’t afford them. I want to tell the youth that the future of Pakistan, sovereignty, and protection of democracy is in your hands. This is an attack on our sovereignty. 

Yes, our foreign policy should be for the benefit of 220 million people. Explain to America again and again that we are not against Imran Khan, but we did not throw away the tissue paper whenever we wanted. Look at India. He said that he would not accept the imported government at all. Takedown the government, look at these thieves 20 years ago, everyone was against each other, but now they will all come together to get power.

He had been saying for three years that if PTI went public, eggs would be laid. Let the nation remember that they will come to the government and eliminate NAB and end cases. The opposition has never played a neutral match. We brought an EVM machine. We wanted to have a clean and transparent election. We will eliminate the EVM machine because we will do rigging. Similarly, other Pakistanis will be deprived of the right to vote.

We will prepare the whole game, but all our people together and go to the polls. If they are not afraid then come to the polls. I am ready for the struggle. I tell the nation that everyone has to go out after Isha on Sunday, to protest peacefully, not to break up the protest and clash, to protect democracy, sovereignty, and freedom he said.

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