G7 countries warn Russia and Iran

The bloc of the world’s most powerful group, the Group of Seven, has warned Russia that it would have to pay a heavy price” if it invaded Ukraine, while the meeting said that Iran was at the negotiating table. This is the ‘last chance to come.
The G7 countries warn Russia and Iran
Foreign ministers of the world’s richest countries hold a two-day meeting in Liverpool (AFP)

The Group of Seven (G7) bloc of world powers has warned Russia that if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, Moscow will have to pay “huge consequences” and “heavy costs”.

According to the British news agency Reuters, US intelligence estimates that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine next month, which will involve 175,000 Russian troops. Russia has denied the charges in an assertion given Friday expressing Similar, outlandish claims concerning Russia’s insight have been made at least a time or two.

Moscow says NATO expansion poses a threat to Russia and that Ukraine’s possible accession to the alliance would violate its assurances.

At the G7 summit in Liverpool on Sunday, the bloc’s delegates said they were united in their condemnation of Russia’s military presence near the Ukrainian border. The meeting also called on Moscow to reduce tensions.

Reuters has obtained a draft of the meeting, which states that “Russia should have no doubt that further military aggression against Ukraine will have major consequences and will have to pay a heavy price.

We reaffirm our steady obligation to Ukraine’s sway and regional trustworthiness, just as the right of any sovereign state to decide its own future the draft said. Moscow insists NATO’s embrace of Ukraine is a red line that will not be allowed to cross.

Russia fears that Ukraine’s accession to the alliance could result in the installation of NATO missiles in its neighboring country, which is why Russia sees NATO expansion as a nightmare. Putin has demanded legal guarantees that NATO will not expand further into the east or deploy its weapons near Russian soil.

On the other hand, Washington has repeatedly said that no country can veto Ukraine’s hopes of joining NATO. We urge Russia to adhere to its international commitments on easing tensions, using diplomatic means, and ensuring transparency in military operations he said.

In his keynote address, G7 also discussed Iran’s nuclear ambitions in addition to Russia’s. According to the French news agency AFP, the meeting said that the time for agreeing on an agreement to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions is fast approaching.

The unfamiliar pastors of the world’s most extravagant nations held a two-day meeting in Liverpool to attempt to introduce a solid, joined front against worldwide dangers.

On Iran G7 host Britain said the resumption of talks in Vienna was the last chance for Tehran to come to the negotiating table with serious thought. Iran still has time to come to terms and agree on this agreement Foreign Secretary Liz Truss told a news conference at the end of the meeting.

Negotiations between Iran and world powers resumed in Vienna on Thursday in an effort to restore the 2015 agreement. Iran claims that it only wants to promote civilian purposes, but Western powers say its enriched uranium stockpile is much larger and could be used to make nuclear weapons.

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