Fluorona after corona is it a new virus?

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Fluorona after corona is it a new virus
There is no new strain of fluorine coronavirus

The new variant of Corona in the world, Omi Kroon’s wars were going on, so the first case of Florona has also come to light.

Fluorine is a double infection consisting of covid-19 and influenza, the double infection of corona and influenza being called ‘fluorine’.

According to foreign media reports, there is no new strain of fluorine coronavirus. At the same time, the immune system of a person suffering from corona and flu is severely affected

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is always the possibility of suffering from two diseases at the same time. The only way to prevent corona and influenza is to get vaccinated immediately.

It is believed that a pregnant woman was recently admitted to a local hospital in Israel, whose test revealed that she was suffering from a disease called fluorine.

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