fifa worldcup qatar 2022 final urgentina won

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Qatar overshadowed”
The population is only 3 million, but the successful organization of the biggest sports event in the world, how is the wog Qatar?rld appreciatin

The curtain has fallen, the lights have been dimmed and everyone has gone home, but now the media is talking about the arrangements for the 29-day (November 20 to December 18) FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 1.4 million (14 lakh) tourists from all over the world visited Qatar to watch its 64 matches. Lights, art, poetry, music and spectacular fireworks before the finale gave a classic touch to the closing ceremony, which was loved by all.Moroccan-born Canadian, Bollywood actress Nora Fathi, Emirati pop star Bilqis, Iraqi musician Rahma Riaz and Moroccan vocalist Manal also performed well in this event.
Let us share with you some highlights from this reference.
_ This was the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which Brazil has the record of winning the most times. Brazil has become the world champion 5 times, followed by Italy and Germany 4, 4 times. Argentina has become the champion for the third time on December 18, France, Uruguay 2, 2 while England and Spain have been able to win the world title once.
32 teams participated in Qatar World Cup 2022, 64 matches were played in eight stadiums in five cities, in which 172 goals were scored and an average of 54 thousand spectators have been coming to watch each match.
_ Qatar is a small country of only three million (3 million) population, but it has shown the world how capable it was of successfully holding the biggest event in the world of sports, the FIFA World Cup. Not a single untoward incident has happened in the stadiums during the World Cup, otherwise something has happened in every World Cup before that. Sometimes the spectators have been throwing chairs at each other, throwing bottles and sometimes the angry crowd has been running on the players in the ground. And if nothing else, the incidents of fighting outside the stadium often made news.Security for the World Cup was provided by the Pakistan Army. Pakistani youths have made possible the successful organization of a big event and have been appreciated by all.
_ France vs Argentina final was watched by 90 thousand fans and the way the crowd was showing charge and enthusiasm in the stadium, it has been seen and appreciated by several billion people on TV screens.
It should be remembered that the stars of the final were Leo Messi of Argentina and Mbappe of France, both of whom play for Paris Saint-Germain, a club owned by Doha (Qatar). These two players Messi and Mbappe scored three and four goals respectively in the final, which has made this World Cup memorable.For this outstanding performance, Messi has been awarded the Golden Ball, Mbappe the Golden Boot and Argentina’s goalkeeper Martinez the Golden Gloves, which they all deserved.
It should be remembered that Leo Messi won the “Golden Ball” in the World Cup 2014 for the best individual performance, but at that time his team could not become the champion. Messi himself scored seven goals in the 2022 World Cup and other Argentinian players also scored three goals on his passes.
France’s Mbappe saw the victory very close but has not been able to lift the trophy with his team this year. It should be remembered that Mbappe was a part of the French team that became the world champion in 2018 and at that time he played an important role in making France the world champion by scoring 12 goals. Mbappé scored one more goal than Messi in the 2022 World Cup i.e. 8 individual goals and became the first player to score a hat-trick in the final after the 1966 World Cup. The only footballer to do so before him was England’s Jeff Hurst, who scored a hat-trick against West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final.Before lifting the trophy, the FIFA World Cup organizers dressed Messi in a traditional Arab dress, black, gray and gold colored abaya, wearing which he lifted the World Cup trophy and took a group photo with his team.
_ Before receiving the World Cup trophy, when Leo Messi went to the stage to receive the award of “the best player of the tournament”, on his return, he kissed the “World Cup Golden Trophy” kept aside. This beautiful scene was also covered by the cameras, which was very attractive to everyone that the only trophy in Messi’s cabinet was missing until now, which he won on December 18 and named after himself and his country. Well Done Messi

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