Electronic voting machine issue should not interfere in the work Election Commission

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Electronic voting machine issue should not interfere in the work Election Commission
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The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has termed the statements regarding Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) as irresponsible.

In a statement, the ECP spokesman said that irresponsible statements about EVMs were tantamount to misleading civil society, organizations, and the media.

The spokesperson said that the acquisition of EVM is a technical process, the work of the Election Commission should not be interfered with, the process of putting pressure on the institution should be stopped.

The ECP spokesperson further said that the Election Commission is bound to fulfill its responsibility under the law and the constitution, the institution will continue to perform its duties without any pressure.

The spokesperson also said that the doors of the Election Commission are open if anyone needs any clarification regarding EVM.

He said that various stages are required with the international tendering for the acquisition of EVM, 3 committees of ECP are doing their work responsibly for the technical process of acquisition of the machine.

The ECP spokesperson said that the Election Commission has been taking steps related to technology in the past as well.

He said that in order to ensure that the tendering of the voting machines is not for any particular vendor, testing of EVM from a third party is also necessary.

According to a spokesman for the ECP, testing is important to ensure that the machine can be used in clean and transparent elections. Some people are not aware of this technology.

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