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Blast in Johar Town area of ​​Lahore

The blast also shattered the windows of surrounding buildings, injuring five people.
Blast in Johar Town area of ​​Lahore
Blast in Johar Town area of ​​Lahore

Lahore – An explosion has taken place in the Johar Town area of ​​Lahore as a result of which 5 people have been injured. According to details, an explosion has taken place in the Johar Town area of ​​Lahore today. The windows of the buildings were also shattered. It is reported that the sound of the blast was heard from afar, which has spread fear and panic among the citizens.

Witnesses said the blast was so loud that its voices could be heard from afar. Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene, and a stampede broke out in the area after the blast, with five people reported injured. The condition of two of them is critical, the injured have been shifted to Jinnah Hospital while the hospital has also appealed to the citizens to donate blood.

The nature of the blast is yet to be ascertained According to sources the nature of the blast is being ascertained.

Huge bomb blast in Johor Town in Lahore in front of my staff house. Heavy damage to his new car and house too. Family safe.

— Connecting PTIFamily (@ptifamily) June 23, 2021

The blast also destroyed a house and a car. Nearby buildings have also been damaged. According to initial reports, the blast took place inside the vehicle. It should be noted that the area where the blast took place is considered to be a covered area. It is also a residential area and a commercial area. Police said the blast was of a severe nature. Sources said it was not yet known whether the blast was caused by a device or a gas pipeline blast, but security forces cordoned off the area and gathered evidence. Have started doing

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