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Bill Gates made a new prediction regarding Omi Kroon

Bill Gates made a new prediction regarding Omi Kroon

NEW YORK – Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has made a new prediction regarding the Coronavirus epidemic, saying that there will be fewer cases of cod until next year after the end of the Corona-type omicron wave.

According to a foreign news agency, during a question and answer session on Twitter, Bill Gates predicted that after the end of the wave of corona type omicron, very few cases of cod will be seen till next year. When asked about the coronavirus. When and how the epidemic will end, Bill Gates said that the medical system of countries around the world is being challenged by the wave of omicron, most of the people who get sick more than that are those who have not been vaccinated, once When the wave of omicron subsides, we will see very few cases of cod in the rest of the year, and the disease will become more like seasonal flu. “It simply came to our notice then. We can’t say for sure he said. Therefore, at some point in time, we may have to use the cod vaccine every year. Effective vaccines need to be developed

He said that the current vaccines have been successful in reducing the severity of the disease and the mortality rate but they still lack two basic elements, one is that even after their use the disease can be encountered while The duration of the effect also seems to be limited. We need vaccines that can prevent the recurrence of the disease for many years. Earlier, in December 2021, Bill Gates said that this year was the most difficult year of his life. The founder of Microsoft said that his close friends had to cancel his vacation plan after evaluating Code 19, but he hoped that the wave of Omicron would end in three months. Because of the speed with which vaccines and antiviral drugs are being developed, it is expected that cod will become an endemic or endemic disease in 2022. I am still convinced that if we take the right steps, Corona’s epidemic will end in 2022. In the next two years or so, I expect the virus to come to us only when we have it every year Will use cod and flu vaccines in winter

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