American schoolteacher suspended for performing Holocaust scenes

According to an email sent to parents by the school principal, a third-grade teacher had asked his students to present scenes in which they had to dig mass graves and shoot people.
American schoolteacher suspended for performing Holocaust scenes
November 29, 2021, A teacher opens a classroom window in De Built, Kohaland (File photo: AFP)

The administration of a school in Washington, D.C., has fired its third-grade teacher for allegedly asking students to perform Holocaust scenes.

According to an email sent to parents by M. Scott Berkowitz, principal of Watkins Elementary School, the teacher had asked his students to present scenes in which they had to dig mass graves and shoot people. The teacher has now been sent on leave by the administration.

The students were preparing for the class presentation last Friday when they were asked to reproduce the scenes.

A Jewish student was reportedly asked to play the role of Adolf Hitler. According to The Washington Post, the student’s parents have confirmed that at the end of the rehearsal, the child was asked to act as a suicide bomber in the death of a German dictator.

A student’s parents, requesting anonymity, said their child was instructed to act as if he were on a train heading to a concentration camp and then pretending to shoot his classmates. Do

 He said that during the assignment, they (children) were also asked to pretend that they were dying in a gas chamber. When the students asked the teacher why the Germans did that? So the female teacher allegedly said: Because the Jews ruined Christmas.

He allegedly made more anti-Semitic remarks during the assignment and instructed the students not to tell anyone about the performance.

According to one child’s parents, the children told their homeroom teacher about it. In an email sent to the parents, the school principal admitted the incident and said that it should not have happened.

I would like to acknowledge the seriousness of this decision based on ‘bad instructions’ because students should never be asked to portray any injustice, especially genocide, war, or murder, Berkowitz said in an email.

Specialists likewise sorted out for the whole class to meet with the school’s emotional well-being group later the occurrence, he added.

An investigation into the incident has been launched, which has also been reported to the DC Public Schools Comprehensive Alternative Resolution and Equity Team.

A team spokesman also apologized, saying this was not an approved plan and we sincerely apologize to the students and families who were involved in this incident.

The Jewish community’s human rights group Breath International has also condemned the incident and called for immediate action. We are shocked that a schoolteacher in Washington, D.C., asked third-graders to perform Holocaust scenes he said.

The organization said on Twitter: We commend the school for taking prompt action to deal with the incident but also emphasize that it was not just a ‘bad decision’ as the principal described it. What

The tweet added: It was really a tragic, blasphemous, and anti-Semitic incident. The school should make every effort to ensure that children who have been abused will be assisted.

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