A young man was killed in Karachi

A young man was killed in Karachi

The reaction of the popular social media app ‘Tik Tak’ to the murder of a youth in Karachi has come to light.

The Tuck Talk Company has made the safety of the community its top priority in the wake of the shooting death of a youth in Karachi.

A spokesman for TuckTuck said the agency was pursuing a “zero tolerance” policy for any dangerous acts, hate speech, or behavior.

According to the spokesman, Tik Tak does not allow content that depicts acts of violence. Content that violates community guidelines is removed immediately.

Spokesperson Tik Tak said that they are working actively to raise awareness about the safety of platforms in Pakistan. Important steps have been taken to create secure content in accordance with local laws and community guidelines.

The spokesperson informed consumers about community guidelines, safety policies, and features through the digital safety campaign, according to TuckTalk. The Safety Campaign has improved overall digital well-being

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