5 tips to prevent glasses from fading

5 tips to prevent glasses from fading

5 tips to prevent glasses from fading

Frequent hand washing, sanitizing hands, keeping social distance, and wearing masks during the global pandemic coronavirus have become part of the ‘new normal’ and commonplace, but for those who wear glasses, wearing glasses as well as masks. Wearing is a very difficult task that can be saved by following a few tried and tested tips.

The breath that comes out of the human body through the nose is heated due to the high body temperature, wearing a mask and breathing means that the hot breath coming out of the human body comes out through the inside of the mask and accumulates in the form of steam on the springs, which is very confusing for those who wear springs.

It is not possible to get rid of all the problems such as blurring of steam coming to the spring and frequent cleaning of the spring.

How to protect the glasses from steam after wearing a mask?

The following tips can be followed to avoid the confusion of spring cleaning.

Wash glasses with dishwashing gel

Apply a small drop of dishwashing gel on the glasses, especially on the inside, now wash it with a soft cloth so that the steam does not stay on the glasses.

Use shaving cream

Your glasses can also be cleaned with shaving cream. Apply a small amount of shaving cream on your glasses and apply it to the glasses with the help of a clean cloth and leave the cream on for a while, then the glasses. Wash with lukewarm water.

Choose a different mask for yourself

If the above-mentioned tips do not cure the problem of steam coming on the glasses, then the people who use the glasses should choose different types of masks for themselves.

When buying a mask, make sure that the mask has a ‘metal strip’ steel rod that is twisted to fit your nose and fixed on the nose so that the breath starts coming out from both sides instead of going upwards towards the eyes.

Keep the mask close to the eyes

Instead of keeping the mask at the height of the nose, place it up close to the eyes, press the metal rod of the mask well, now if you wear glasses, it will not steam.

Avoid touching the glasses

Some people have a habit of taking off their glasses and holding them in their hands while talking or touching the glasses repeatedly, while wearing a mask try to avoid touching the glasses, shaking the glasses from place to place or taking them off again and again. The steam starts coming back to the spring.

How to wear a mask?

It is important to know the correct way to wear goggles for prevention during a global pandemic. Sanitize your hands before wearing a mask and wear the mask without touching it while holding it with an ‘elastic’ white cord.

To avoid coronavirus, experts recommend that you never wear a mask twice, remove the mask once and take the new mask now, do not keep the used mask in the bag, and if the mask If it is a cloth, it must be washed with detergent for second use

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